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22nd Sep 2016 20:50
Message from Edward Nygma
Glad you're still playing!
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12th Sep 2016 12:15
Message from Farm Wife
Thanks for being a great teammate! :)
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10th Sep 2016 18:18
Message from Mad Bomber
I think u are already in it? Anyway I created a team name for us in the battleship tournament........I hope u join!
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22nd Nov 2015 22:29
Message from Edward Nygma
I believe all games with direct invitations are unranked. So as long as you invite all the players directly, it will not count towards your rankings. Feel free to pick a board and invite me. If you need more players to fill the seats, let me know. There are lots of people here happy to help with that stuff.
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19th Nov 2015 19:59
Message from Edward Nygma
Feel free to invite me to a game if you want to try a board out, have any questions, or just want somebody to play with.
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11th Nov 2015 22:23
Message from KaiserCrawford
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11th Nov 2015 22:23
Message from KaiserCrawford
how do I add as friend?
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10th Nov 2015 15:36
Message from KaiserCrawford
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