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I love most boardgames, including risk. I play online because risk kills friendships haha. I love the variability that online versions of risk has introduced. I'm especially fond of dueling maps.

Yes, I can be a bit critical in a team setting or opponent setting, sorry - I promise I will forget by the next game :)

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15th Jul 2019 23:52
Message from RUTHLEZZG
would you like to team up in the Civil War tournament 'Civil Peace '? Make a team and I will join.
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12th Jan 2015 20:48
Message from asm
I probably won't run into you any time soon, from what I've seen you mostly play on the smart people boards, and I'm staying away from those for the time being. Would love to team up with you in a tourney though.
#49 of 50
11th Jan 2015 16:41
Message from asm
Hello, friend. Thanks for leaving me a message of support during my absence. Great to see you're still classing up the joint.
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9th Oct 2014 00:00
Message from Hugh
Doin okay. Been on a hiatus of sorts. How about you?
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31st May 2014 10:09
Message from Korrun
He isn't going to win this turn. Soon though if no one stops him on the top.
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17th Mar 2014 18:53
Message from Ajaxx
brutal game we've got going... you've had a great game and meanwhile germany is definitely playing a WTF game. sorry about that! i always hate it when i get crap teammates.
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17th Dec 2013 17:41
Message from frustrator
Yes definitely, I'm willing to restart the game
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13th Nov 2013 12:43
Message from Kancercakes
I would like to formally request the 5th ranked player on the board to a champions match. http://www.wargear.net/games/join/317008
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1st Nov 2013 20:21
Message from Thingol
AvA is back out there now...working on Kursk (review game with Toaster at present).
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9th Oct 2013 15:44
Message from TheChosen
Good Game.. Play anytime.
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7th Oct 2013 18:38
Message from limburg
If you were in my place you would have done the same thing, there wasn't actually talk about attacking borders since you barely had anything there and something so easy with no defense is hard to ignore and not to attack. nevertheless i was in no shape to attack greens stack in SA, so the game will be over pretty soon anyways, unless purple still holds europe. I would have been prepared to talk if you had invaded SA from newsealand and not from africa, whiping out everything there and giving the entire continent to green. But you didn't knew the consequences because you didn't have the same view of the game as me so I can't blame you.. But having purple and green in SA didn't leave me much of a choice..
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6th Oct 2013 17:38
Message from limburg
well green has africa and purple has europe but i don't see any reason not going into australia since it isn't defended and purple has already attacked the north of SA so i've lost that region
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21st Sep 2013 17:44
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey Man, How is the last game of the LOTR tourney going? You guys have been running for awhile now. Is it stalemated?
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26th Aug 2013 16:03
Message from Edward Nygma
I'm going to look into Tycoons, and see if I can improve the train a bit. I'll get back to you on it.
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5th Jul 2013 15:47
Message from 37
Bad luck on the invention tournament, I thought you were going to win it for sure.
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20th Jun 2013 14:20
Message from Edward Nygma
I don't remember what now, but there is a reason I didn't bring Chess over. Maybe something with Simulgear? Maybe there was a be-all-end-all solution. Don't remember.
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6th Jun 2013 18:42
Message from Yertle
Hey Andernut, Thanks for the heads up on the missing border for Zombie States. I've updated it and released a new Version (3.0) with the fix! Thanks again!
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15th May 2013 23:04
Message from Korrun
I saw a review for a game on the android app store by someone with the same profile pic.
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15th May 2013 00:10
Message from Korrun
Your name wouldn't happen to be Sue, would it?
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14th Apr 2013 07:15
Message from M57
Scenario Updates address your issues. Now Napoleon not only needs more moves to establish supply-lines, but also receives one less reinforcement per turn.
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