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I was born in 1976. Back in the early 90s (or maybe before), I started using the name Ozymandias online (bulletin boards), and as my handle in video games. The name came from Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem. Once the internet exploded there was an Ozymandias lurking around every corner, so I shortened it to Ozyman to have a less common name.

Prefer making maps to playing them. Have a wife & young daughter.

Boards I've made:

What Makes A Fun Board

Original Forum Thread

For me a fun map is one in which there are lots of valid strategies. More choices is more fun, less choices is less fun. Also feeling like you have a say in the game. More random is less fun, more influence is more fun. Also games where you feel like you know how to play, but still have more to learn. Like the old Othello motto - “A minute to learn…a lifetime to master.”

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