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The post that started it all:

Have you ever loved a board that had so little exposure that you ended up just having to see it die out? Or have you ever dug up an old board that looked like a blast, but you knew that starting a 5 player game would just take way too long? Or are you just someone who wishes to see a greater diversity of boards on this site? Well the Board Revival Group might be the perfect place for you!

I am looking for a solid group of players to come together to get intriguing boards, of all types, more exposure. Every month a randomly selected member of the BRG will state which board he wants to give more exposure. Over the course of the month at least 3 games will get started with the support of the BRG. At least one seat in each game will be left open for someone in the outside community to join. The exposure for this board will then start from within the BRG but then trickle out into the outside community.

If you are just focused on raising your GR or CPs as high as possible, then this might not be the place for you. But if you are looking for a closely knit community that wants to purely have fun and test their competitive edge, then the BRG is perfect for you. In doing so you will likely find your new favorite map that you will now be able to climb the rankings on because of the resurgence of interest.

I believe this group could be very beneficial to this site. There is a lot of talk of a major flaw with the site being the laundry list of boards that just collect dust now, even though many of them are quite fun and took a lot of effort in making. I think having a diverse list of active boards that are a blast to play will definitely help in the attraction and retention of new players as well as the development of the site. This group is a proactive effort that could actually be a lot of fun at the same time.

Although everyone is welcome to join, I want to especially invite board designers and veteran players who have poured out a lot of time and effort into this site. If you want to join or try it out just comment below and after a few weeks I will post the list of members and we can get started. Any comments or remarks are welcome, ALTHOUGH I DO NOT WANT TO TURN THIS FORUM INTO A DEBATE. IF YOU WISH TO DEBATE A TOPIC PLEASE START YOUR OWN FORUM.

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