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Tournament Rankings

Rankings kept in a tournament and for tournament games use the same calculation as describe in The Basic Rankings Help page. For both the Swiss System and the Round Robin Tournament type, Wins in the tournament are used to determine the Tournament winner. In the case of a tie in the number of wins, the Tournament Score (or Ranking) is the deciding factor. In Tournaments, Rankings are kept on a scale of 10,000 instead of 1,000, this is to help create a higher variance between player's scores.

The Top 20 Tournament players can be seen on the right side the Tournaments page, the Wins column refers to the number of Tournament wins the player has obtained. Rankings can also be seen on the Player Stats page of a player's Profile.

Note: Your Global Ranking and individual Board Rankings in Tournaments are kept separate from your Public Global Ranking and Public individual Board Rankings. You will not obtain or change your Board Championship Points through Tournament play.

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