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Joining or Creating a Tournament

Joining a Tournament

You can see a list of Open Tournaments that are available for you to join by clicking on the Tournaments tab at the top of the screen. This will present you with a list of tournaments which need more players before they can start.

Note: In order to join a tournament you must first set a profile pic on your Profile page.

If you would like to know more about the tournament you can click on the tournament name which will take you to the tournament page filled with information about the tournament and which players have already joined. Click on the Board Name to look at the details of the board on which the tournament is going to be played.

Take careful note of the information about the Tournament Format, Turn-Timer, Fog Setting, Teamplay, and Number of Players/Rounds that have been set by the person who created the tournament as these can heavily affect the way the tournament is played. See the other help sections for more on this.

Creating a Tournament

If you do not see an open tournament that you want to participate in and you are a Premium member, then you can create an open public tournament or a private tournament just as easily. Click on the Create Tournament button of the Tournament tab to get started.

Once at the Create Tournament page, you will be able to select the board which you would like to play the tournament on. Additionally you will enter the Tournament Name, Fog of War, Game Speed, Public or Private, Tournament Type and Teamplay (with Team settings if Teams enabled) settings. A summary of the number of players, rounds, and games of the tournament will be presented at the bottom of the page. Simply click Create Tournament when complete. There is a current max of 100 players per tournament and a player can only have two tournaments in the Open phase at the same time. The tournament host can also cancel the tournament at anytime during the Open phase of the tournament.

If you created a Public tournament then all members of WarGear with a profile pic will be able to join your tournament, there is no other actions needed by the tournament host to continue the tournament (see below for uploading a trophy image). If you created a Private tournament, then you will have the ability to individually invite WarGear member or to invite your entire WarGear Friends list. For a Private tournament be sure an invite enough and continue to invite enough players to ensure the tournament begins, once the tournament begins no other actions are needed by the tournament host.

Once your tournament is created you have the ability to upload a tournament trophy. This trophy will go to the tournament winner/team and can be seen on his or her profile in their Trophy Cabinet. The trophy image must be 400×400 in size and can be uploaded at anytime during the Open phase.

Note: Tournaments unfilled after 90 days will be automatically deleted by the system.

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