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What should be on the sidebar vs the start page? - m57
I think the sidebar needs to be a basic navigation pane (similar to what you find in MSWord) for when you're in the guts of the wiki (which is why i'm trying to figure out the threading thing) - w'top
If the start/home page is organized nicely, we should be able to keep the sidebar clean and light.

I started a tutorial for the Designer Workshop on non-standard continents to cover stuff like how to do hordes, collector continents, etc. and the tricks and tips for how to achieve different sorts of gameplay effects with those styles. M57 made some good edits later, and changed the title to Continent Forms, which I think is better because then we can also define what a “standard continent” is. Just a note to change the page name at some point, though it's too late at night for me to try to figure that out right now.
changing the pagename is pretty easy to do. first create the page you want it to be, second go to the old page (the one you want to delete), select all, cut and save page - this renders that page non-existant. third go to new page, edit, paste and save. — if worried about connecting links then copy instead of cutting and work backwards from old page using the chainlink icon to the side. w'top
Great work Kjeld - I'm not feeling so lonely now. While editing, I found myself vacillating between 'Forms' and 'Styles.' I kind of used them interchangeably, and I'm still not sure which makes more sense where, so you're welcome to change whatever doesn't resonate with you. I'm going around making small edits here and there, creating links (for instance from the glossary), and adding some material where it feels right.. -M57
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