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Welcome to the new and improved Random Mazes.

Second Edition

This page is for the 2nd Edition of this map.

Here is what was improved over the 1st version:

  • Added map 'features' - spirals, steps, long corridors, snake-tails
  • Updated player colors - removed grey that was similar to neutral.
  • Larger map sizes - now up to 20×36!
  • Just 3 variations of open/tight maps.
  • Line Of Sight variations for scenarios (locked to medium fog & have line of sight view borders).
  • Improved Graphics
    • Dual Layers - consistent between flash/native players
    • Highlights & Shadows - to improve visual identification of walls
    • Fog Layer - procedurally generated fog layer based upon Perlin_noise.
  • No more Left/Right and Top/Bottom wrapping.
  • New 1st round bonuses to reduce seat order benefit
  • Starting cards given to also help with seat order.


Map Style

Maps come in 3 varities. “Open” will have lots of ways to move between two points. “Tight” has lots of dead ends and large areas that can be defended from a single point. The default style sits in between these two etremes.

Line of Sight

Some scenarios are designated “Line of Sight”. These add vision borders, but are locked to Medium Fog.

Other Rules


Every row and column of contigous squares forms a continent. Continents give a bonus equal to their length/2 rounded down.


An unlimited number of units can be held in reserve.


Fortifies are equal to the sqrt(length*width)/2. e.g. for square maps, half the length of one side. You may return to fortify from attack.

Board Creation

This board was programmatically generated in python. The board size and some maze parameters are set. Then the maze is drawn randomly based upon the parameters given. Finally XML and PNG files are created.

Interesting synonyms for Open

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