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Enjoy the fight, it's not always about the win. Invite me, I'm pretty good at this.

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29th Jan 2016 02:12
Message from orango
Hey Waldo, where are you?
#18 of 18
16th Nov 2011 10:37
Message from Jigen
I'm slowly but surely surpassing you senor.
#17 of 18
17th Aug 2011 14:16
Message from Jigen
Not a problem! I can't stop joining them ha.
#16 of 18
15th Aug 2011 17:10
Message from Edward Nygma
You're welcome
#15 of 18
15th Aug 2011 08:26
Message from Edward Nygma
You're premium now, so start'm yourself!
#14 of 18
11th Aug 2011 03:00
Message from Edward Nygma
Play my maps yo.
#13 of 18
30th Jun 2010 23:05
Message from tyler
hey waldo u should join can u dig it on a tournament.
#12 of 18
26th Apr 2010 00:45
Message from Mongrel
Cute. Veeeeeeeeeery cute. We're tied, you know.
#11 of 18
23rd Apr 2010 22:21
Message from Mongrel
Hey, check out # of people eliminated next time you're on.
#10 of 18
19th Apr 2010 13:23
Message from Mongrel
Yeah, and let me tell ya, I'm going to savor the next 17 hours that I stay there.
#9 of 18
27th Feb 2010 13:05
Message from Hugh
Yo man, in the game http://www.wargear.net/games/view/4475 I think we can get the game to end if you boot your lagging teammate. You and your other teammate should be able to get it done quick after that. Also - many enjoyable games over the years - thought I'd mention that since this is your profile :)
#8 of 18
12th Jan 2010 16:55
Message from Jigen
5 points now. i'm coming for your ass waldo.
#7 of 18
10th Jan 2010 16:31
Message from Jigen
My global ranking has gone from 800 to 1053 in the last 4 days. I think i'm getting the hang of this Risk thing. :D
#6 of 18
1st Jan 2010 05:10
Message from Jigen
says mr. ."I used to be in the top 10."
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18th Dec 2009 17:57
Message from tom
Ah I see the confusion :) Nope, a guy called Steven started Warfish, and I am Kobra Kai on Warfish!
#4 of 18
18th Dec 2009 12:31
Message from tom
Uh, you mean WarGear?
#3 of 18
18th Dec 2009 07:20
Message from tom
Thanks Waldo still a lot of work to do get the site where I want it but we'll get there :)
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1st Dec 2009 15:14
Message from Yertle
That's Oldaw not Waldo isn't it?
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