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29th Oct 2016 17:17
Message from The Cooler
I would like to personally invite you to a game I am hosting using "The Winds of Winter" scenario for "Risk of Thrones". I hope you will choose to join us... http://www.wargear.net/games/join/537680
#9 of 9
29th Apr 2015 18:26
Message from KillDawg
Every time I check my wall and see your comment about my NoFx comment I see your avatar, yet I'm just now realizing that it's Liliana Vess. Pretty cool.
#8 of 9
26th Nov 2014 18:38
Message from 757commander
jus saw your message let me know wen you do another tournament
#7 of 9
19th Aug 2014 04:58
Message from TheStargazer
Join KillDawg and I for some killing: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/386749
#6 of 9
8th Jul 2014 16:21
Message from norlingk
I got him! http://www.wargear.net/games/player/371995 Who did you think was going to win, BTW?
#5 of 9
7th Jul 2014 15:26
Message from norlingk
I owe you one. That is not my usual style of play...
#4 of 9
22nd Apr 2014 17:22
Message from TheStargazer
gg dude. I enjoyed the GoT map. Hopefully this next match fills up quick!
#3 of 9
17th Apr 2014 10:28
Message from limburg
feel for a non agression pact? red and grey are having one for ages now...
#2 of 9
9th Apr 2014 13:11
Message from jmlaubac
Hey man, attack down out of Arnor in Team LOTR so I can finish up that territory
#1 of 9
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