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17th May 2014 10:24
Message from norlingk
Where'd you go?
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11th Dec 2013 15:16
Message from Jtp28
Hey man, in this game: http://www.wargear.net/games/player/305261, I'd like to have a few turns of peace. I'm thinking about making a move into Scandinavia to mix things up a bit, but I don't want to end up fighting a two front war. Thoughts?
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17th Sep 2013 09:27
Message from JamesHayward
Truce Accepted, I just skipped a turn by accident. Let's do this!
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23rd Mar 2013 04:58
Message from zdisabled54
I take it that 'Mine' is out and soon I will be :-) Sorry can't send private messages anymore.
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15th Aug 2012 14:28
Message from zdisabled_203822df
piker is overextended. Either we come to a truce now or it is too late. What say you?
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16th Jun 2012 10:57
Message from lestyloorange
Truce Accepted.
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24th May 2012 18:26
Message from tzeskimo
sure, truce sounds good. Sorry, didn't read the wall messages.
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21st Apr 2012 05:21
Message from Aiken Drumn
Hey, in Euro 1571.. i'll leave you alone in Spain if you leave me alone in Italy?
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5th Nov 2011 07:13
Message from haysmike3333
OK, ive been waiting for you to attack for awhile now. you need to at least get him out of europe.
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28th Oct 2011 06:48
Message from haysmike3333
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28th Sep 2011 17:48
Message from Just a loyal friend
Hey Scan, perhaps you can cover me a bit while I regroup in Europe after attacking Asia? I'll need a turn or two to take Europe and it would be great if Kearns had to divide his troops somehow. Of course, only if you're fortified enough against haysmike.
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