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22nd Feb 2013 11:31
Message from renjason
I had to do some clean up on that game. http://www.wargear.net/games/player/224642 and your cards were toooooo tasty! :-)
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26th Oct 2012 16:16
Message from renjason
Nice job Mike! Two big wins and you've stolen 2nd place!
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29th Aug 2012 09:12
Message from renjason
I just watched the replay of http://www.wargear.net/games/player/168238 Well done! That was a messy game. Very intense!
#9 of 11
16th Aug 2012 16:15
Message from TacoTruk
just now saw your message for playtime 8 no fog. you have a much stroner position than me, but i'm game for some partnering up. you should focus on black in europe and i'll go into africa on brown.
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13th May 2012 13:12
Message from renjason
Hey Hays! Did you see... I finally made it to the top: http://www.wargear.net/boards/view/World+War/Ranking%20History :-)
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29th Feb 2012 12:39
Message from Just a loyal friend
mike, why don't you take the US? You can catch up bonus wise.
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17th Jan 2012 17:22
Message from Just a loyal friend
hey haysmike, considering the ominous force you have heading my way, I was hoping to share a couple thoughts that might encourage you not to completely annihilate me... If you did stomp through all my territory, which you probably could, you would likely sustain hefty losses while Kearns avoids being afflicted with many at all. I presume in the circumstance I be utterly desecrated or eliminated, Kearns would probably annex more of my territory than you and take the upper hand. So I was thinking if you showed a little mercy, I would be happy to leave you with a continent or two of mandates. I do apologize for infringing on your bonuses last turn but it was out of uncertainty and only to limit your foreboding regiment's impact in whatever little way I could... So perhaps after I take a little heat things may even out and we can continue until someone else attempts world domination again! :)
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5th Nov 2011 04:43
Message from The Scandinator
next turn lets blast kk in "for the lulz"
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25th Jul 2011 08:33
Message from renjason
the blue guys are too strong already... consider me on your side http://www.wargear.net/games/player/77975
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2nd Jun 2011 03:09
Message from gazz
good gamemike,tc,later
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28th May 2011 15:49
Message from renjason
you're up!
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