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Watch this game. Fucking unbelievable

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2nd Mar 2021 14:21
Message from Gnulten
Fan vad du suger
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15th Apr 2014 18:22
Message from multiplasma
Believe it or not man - I did not catch your message until I did it - felt like shit. But I usually go right to the games - but that's no excuse. I should have read my message board first.
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25th Feb 2014 22:50
Message from RUTHLEZZG
i hit him but hes gonna clock me hard so back me up!
#25 of 27
18th Feb 2014 20:25
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Nice job in the Maze game pre=cardset!
#24 of 27
2nd Feb 2014 21:25
Message from Leetz
I can't send secret messages so I'm posting here but if you stick to the north I will stick to the south.
#23 of 27
29th Jan 2014 12:07
Message from Knosken2
Det märks inte. Över 500 poäng sämre
#22 of 27
25th Jan 2014 02:12
Message from groundforce
well pick off each other or hit nwo
#21 of 27
23rd Jan 2014 11:54
Message from Knosken2
Nu är ordningen återställd anser jag
#20 of 27
18th Jan 2014 12:55
Message from Knosken2
Jag har ju inte hunnit spela så många. Och ERK förstörde 5-6 partier för mig
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26th Dec 2013 22:49
Message from thorpe432
In the feudal Japan game, it is pretty obvious that the pink and the lime green team have a truce. I would say we do the same. I don't think my chances are very good, but it would help since we are down to 4.
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1st Dec 2013 12:07
Message from limburg
Hi dude, I actually invited some people to join my team in the tournament.. I don't really wanna make a fus about it but then I really need to be sure that you're a teamplayer and that you won't let yourself get booted.. So please give a reaction asap thnx
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2nd Nov 2013 19:35
Message from ActionRaccoon
If you attack Blue in Solaris 13, or 12, I'll move my troops from Hykran 20, to Hyperion 10.
#16 of 27
15th Oct 2013 20:41
Message from ActionRaccoon
All right, now that I've proved that I can be a thorn in your side, are you willing to be apart of our Alliance to take down Blue? (In regards to 6-play)
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11th Oct 2013 19:05
Message from ActionRaccoon
Hey! congrats on being one of the last 4 players on 6-play! Blue since the beginning has become one of the strongest players in the game. Brown and I are trying to stop him but we'll need your help. Take ring world and attack his Gallifry.
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25th Sep 2013 16:15
Message from ActionRaccoon
Allright you want Nagri. Lets make a deal. Let me have Nagri, and Ill help you take ring world.
#13 of 27
17th Sep 2013 20:50
Message from ActionRaccoon
Hey man! want some help to take Io? I think you and I could be a great team (:
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12th Jun 2013 20:20
Message from RUTHLEZZG
join me and Blues team in Hadouken tourney, I invited you. I know the 3 of us can take this thing down!
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5th Mar 2013 19:35
Message from Mine
1. Click Settings on the top right of your screen (next to cog wheel icon) 2. Once in Settings, select “Preferences” from the list on the left hand side 3. Towards the bottom of Preferences look for the section “Tournament Preferences” 4. The third option under Tournament Preferences reads: "Change this setting if you would like to be able to play multiple rounds (games) in a tournament at the same time." From the drop down menu select “Unlimited" or as many as you can handle at once. you are holding up the tournament
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31st Jan 2013 16:00
Message from Toast
Take your turn
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15th Aug 2012 11:41
Message from Aiken Drumn
Then why do you keep attacking me!?
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