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12th Jul 2013 19:32
Message from beserker42
The 12p Rome game. I just took over some territory next to yous but I didn't really touch your stuff. You want to make a truce in there?
#18 of 18
12th May 2013 13:10
Message from LAthirtytwo
Thanks for the help Mine...we should be ready to roll now
#17 of 18
11th May 2013 08:56
Message from 37
Congrats! You dominated the tournament.
#16 of 18
29th Dec 2012 19:48
Message from wurzel133
yes he does and well defended
#15 of 18
26th Jul 2012 17:03
Message from emschorsch
Can you attack blue instead of me. You lose more rating points if he wins. Plus I'll wipe you out quicker then.
#14 of 18
11th Jul 2012 03:43
Message from Kav
Hey! in 8-bit we have common threat. Want to call it peace till it is safe ? End it with 1 turn notice ? let me know.
#13 of 18
20th Jun 2012 15:39
Message from renjason
Thanks for the comment, Mine. I didn't even notice that I hit the top 10. How did you?
#12 of 18
19th Jun 2012 13:43
Message from TacoTruk
In the game "8" let's have a truce. We could do some great things in asia if we respect each other's boundaries.
#11 of 18
5th Jun 2012 14:51
Message from Inconspicuous
If you leave my bonus in southeast asia alone I won't attack your bonus near indonesia. Someone needs to rival Gen Monty in the states and that's what I would be doing.
#10 of 18
29th May 2012 19:23
Message from j-bomb
congrat's to you as well! it was nice playing with you instead of against you. :)
#9 of 18
1st May 2012 18:58
Message from renjason
Nice sweep!
#8 of 18
21st Apr 2012 05:26
Message from The Scandinator
In the world war game "time is now" May we please truce along to border between USA and Canada South America is a growing force and I need to control it to survive Should you attack me he will go for you next
#7 of 18
26th Mar 2012 22:49
Message from jonahhsmith
I've got all the satellites right now, but white has the 3 islands on the bottom right.
#6 of 18
28th Jan 2012 06:52
Message from the regulator
that should have been all cap's but since i forgot to do that ill throw in a middle finger ,,l,r
#5 of 18
28th Jan 2012 06:45
Message from the regulator
i hate you
#4 of 18
20th Aug 2011 20:30
Message from Mad Bomber
wow...... 53 men lost taking down 6....i might not ever lip about luck again.....!!!!!!
#3 of 18
12th Jun 2011 15:30
Message from ballinballa
how can i join this game...im new to using this risk stuff
#2 of 18
16th May 2011 12:53
Message from Jigler
thanks for the review on Mario 3 -- World 2. Glad you enjoyed the board so much. :) I am planning on re-releasing these boards with updated graphics and with a 2 player scenario. Anyway thanks alot!
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