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Fri 22nd Jul 04:59
Bowling rated  Good
Good, fast board, not really suited for 1-on-1, better try the 4-man version. Can be played with success even if you tend to land in the gutter irl.
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Fri 22nd Jul 04:56
Seven rated  Good
Nice quick and fun board, like it's sister Seven Redux, but prone to giving too much advantage to one of the players in the setup. The other scenarios might be better than Wild West but noone seems to want to play those. Default is a powerful thing.
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Tue 10th May 07:40
Ten - Propagate rated  Perfect
As far as I can tell this is a close to perfectly balanced pure strategy board, you can get unlucky with initial distribution but almost all of the ones I've had so far gave chances for both players. It's lots of fun to play. Highly recommended.
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Tue 3rd May 07:25
The March Of Time rated  Average
OK board, didn't feel it had anything special. Too small to open for much variation in play.
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Tue 3rd May 07:24
Tree of Life rated  Great
Original board, interesting idea and nice implementation. Definitely worth a try.
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Fri 25th Mar 18:59
Kensington rated  Superb
Fun original idea and nice execution. Enjoyable board to play.
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Fri 25th Mar 18:55
Game of Hordes! rated  Superb
Great strategic board. You risk getting locked out of games from late turn order or poor initial territory allocation but if you give it several tries you will definitey have some interesting games.
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Fri 25th Mar 18:52
gods of the Titans rated  Good
Enjoyable board to play, more suited for multiplayer than 1-on-1.
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Fri 4th Mar 07:21
Project: Oblivion rated  Great
Great board, nice idea and imprelemtation.
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Wed 1st Sep 07:42
Lizard Tesselations rated  Great
Fun board idea that is well implemented. Why isn't this played more? Watch out for early eliminations in the Capitals scenarios.
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Wed 1st Sep 07:38
Titans of Italy rated  Great
Enjoyable board to play on, with a good bonus structure and several "secluded" spots so it's not a rush to the few good ones. Recommended.
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Wed 1st Sep 07:35
1v1 is unplayable. The duel scenario is just handing a win to player 2. Might as well use a coin toss. Multiplayer is much better.
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Wed 30th Jun 17:11
New Earth rated  Great
Good duel board with chances for both players. Bonus structure can lead to protracted standoffs in multi-player, so I'll recommend trying with two players. Or add more fog than board default.
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Wed 22nd Apr 11:34
Assassin rated  Great
Great idea and board, lead to unpredictable games. Though a big prone to first-mover advantage. And it's hard to get back into it once a front runner has established himself. Still, very good overall.
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Wed 22nd Apr 11:31
Marvels Manhattan rated  Great
As a Marvel fan I have to say I enjoyed this board :) Very quick-paced game with the most extensive forting abilities I've seen in any simulgear game.
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Wed 22nd Apr 10:44
Wargate Atlantis rated  Superb
Really enjoy this board, both for the play and the graphics
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Wed 22nd Apr 10:43
Spy vs Spy rated  Great
Deceptively simple board, contains more complexity than is apparent at first sight. Interesting duel board.
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Wed 22nd Apr 10:28
My Kingdom rated  Superb
I really like this one, great board idea and very nice implementation.
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Wed 22nd Apr 10:26
Good maze board idea, my games on it showed it can be prone to standoffs on the board standard light fog setting so I'll recommend trying a bit more fog to see if you like that.
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Wed 22nd Apr 10:24
Dolmabahce Sarayi rated  Great
Complicated strategic board, a challenge if you have some reserve mental energy lying around. Not to be taken lightly if you want to win. Don't be impatient, time your attacks, and look for strong strategic positions.
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