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25 Mar 2022
Reviewed by Guderian65  Perfect
Perfect board, even I'm not able to play :)
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25 Nov 2021
Reviewed by BlitzKrieg9  Fair
good board
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17 Feb 2021
Reviewed by Great Red Hype  Superb
This is probably the best board on WarGear. It would get ten stars if not for one minor issue. The cards remain wonky. It should bump up every time a player trades in a set however that does not seem to be the case and it is intermittent.
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18 Sep 2020
Reviewed by Bex Valeur  Perfect
This board is an absolute delight. There are dozens of strategic options available that are nothing alike and yet perfectly balanced. No matter how many games you play on this one it never gets old.
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4 Apr 2020
Reviewed by BlueFinKilla  Great
This board is appealing if you are looking for more complexity then with standard boards. If your going to play, it would be beneficial to read the instructions carefully, and play a few practice rounds before jumping in.
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17 Jul 2019
Reviewed by sirdakka  Perfect
Absolutely exquisite board design, every scenario or matchup is fun and varied.

Update: My board game period
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3 Apr 2019
Reviewed by totti  Superb
very interesting and unique
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27 Mar 2019
Reviewed by Herr Stamper  Perfect
Ozyman - do you have any stats on which colour wins most often on the Default board?
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12 Feb 2019
Reviewed by VikingLee  Superb
Great board design but will need to practice the strategy!
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9 Feb 2019
Reviewed by Felixmitterer2  Perfect
i love this board. Its because of this board that i came back to the site after years of staying away from online risk. also very happy about the new 2nd version making the gameplay even more balanced
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28 Jan 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Perfect
Only played it 3 times, but its the only board im impressed with in everything; Design, Replayability, and overall personal experience. It's the best board on WarGear hands down.
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10 May 2018
Reviewed by Chaz818 Unrated
Why does it boot you?
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6 May 2018
Reviewed by Oldtimer  Perfect
This board is really well executed and fun to play while still complicated enough to get good variation in strategy.
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2 Apr 2018
Reviewed by SillyBastard  Perfect
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29 Mar 2018
Reviewed by Anton3237  Perfect
Great board with unique strategies available
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10 Jan 2018
Reviewed by kafay  Perfect
My favorite board thus far
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11 Aug 2017
Reviewed by Thingol  Perfect
Truly one of the elite boards on the site. Ozyman has done an awesome job with the mechanics, balancing and graphics for this map. Tons of replayability, flexibility and the map is simply fun to play. V2 is an improvment on the original.
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2 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Litotes  Perfect
Amazing board. When I first saw it I thought it was too complicated for me and avoided it. I'm glad I got convinced to try it. It's definitely well worth getting to know better.
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17 Jan 2017
Reviewed by Korrun  Perfect
One of the best all around boards on this site. Uses almost all of the extra features offered by WarGear while still maintaining the general feel of the classic board. Well worth the time to learn.

Great for 2-player, FFA, and team games.
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13 Oct 2016
Reviewed by Augustusincarnate  Perfect
Great board. You have to utilize different strategies depending on what color you are and the players you are playing. Never the same game twice. Definitely my favorite.
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