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Thu 24th Sep 01:35
Infection rated  Great
I enjoy it. I don't like the scary looking cards.
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Fri 29th Aug 22:42
RoShamBo rated  Great
Fun. You can play it totally trashed; you'll probably do better.

Chogyam did a good job of making it work well with the gaming engine.

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Fri 29th Aug 22:27
Battle of Waterloo rated  Superb
One of my two favorite dueling maps (along with Micro Mission). But you have to pay attention -- it's good to be reasonably sober, and turns take a while to do. You'll get punished for a sloppy round. Some good advice in the reviews below.
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Fri 29th Aug 22:16
Mobs of New York rated  Great
A long-time favorite of mine. I've played it way too many times, but still find it interesting. Airports are useful at the beginning, and again at the end. This and the borough concept takes it out of the dead simple geographic Risk-style boards, adds a little more strategic variety. However, it does sometime get deadly dull when you get into 3-player games; can take a verrrrrrrry long time to end. I loved some of the variations on WF, such as hordes and abandon-on. Oh well.
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Fri 29th Aug 22:08
War Of The Roses rated  Great
Impressive for such a difficult board to get all these high ratings. I enjoy it, and am impressed by the paradigm and the work that went in to it. What keeps it from being a 9 or 10 for me is I don't feel particularly engaged with the other players when I play it (i.e., analyzing what they're gonna do), which is a big part of the enjoyment. May be because I don't "get it" well enough. I think the successor board (Renaissance) is probably more to my taste.
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Thu 21st Nov 05:33
Colossal Crusade rated  Average
great graphics, but, having played it quite a few times, it gets tedious.
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Thu 21st Nov 05:25
Darkness Falls rated  Great
I think it plays well. I'm not seeing a problem holding onto the timezone bonuses. The shifting unfogged viewport sometimes comes into play, but it's a neat gimmick in any case. Playing the simulgear versions solves the giant stack issue, although I didn't think it was a particular negative.

It's kludgy when you get eliminated, with the handshake round, but that's necessary for the game mechanics. Not a big deal.
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Sat 29th Dec 01:31
Game of Hordes! rated  Perfect
One of my favorite maps. Read BlackDog's review below. It's quick, and rewards aggressive play. While it's no more unbalanced than the most played map on the site, it can play unbalanced because it requires a different approach than most maps, but a lot of players don't get that at first, and screw up. It's really a 9, but I'm giving it a 10 to make up for some of the BS reviews below.

And, like any game with capitals, you can be eliminated early if you take a capital. Maybe don't do that if you can't hold it?
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Mon 24th Dec 04:18
Castles rated  Superb
Simple, elegant use of capitals. I like that eliminations don't give a huge bonus, allows for a far more interesting end-game in terms of strategy. Castles is never boring; wish I dared play it.
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Mon 24th Dec 04:05
There Will Be Blood rated  Great
Really like it. See Blackdog's review. I'd rate it higher, but the lack of history requires a lot of tedious exploring in the later rounds. However, I think the combination of abandon, fog, and lack of history are key parts of what makes this board so challenging, so I don't see a way around the occasional tedium.
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Mon 24th Dec 03:58
Coffee Capital rated  Superb
Very fun board. The capitals (coffee cups) are key, providing income through an unusual inverse hordes approach, and allowing the game to move relatively quickly by providing early opportunities for eliminations.
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Wed 21st Mar 05:36
West Egg rated  Superb
A lot of fun. Interesting different elements that form strongholds or quick pathways.
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Tue 5th Apr 07:39
Hordes of China rated  Great
Good for up to 5. Turn-based and Simulgear scenarios makes for quite interestingly different game-play. Simulgear with Hordes is cool.
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