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26th Apr 2020 16:25
Message from RUTHLEZZG
i think mega doubles is full. join me in another ant tourney 'MCO KIll Squad'
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26th Apr 2020 16:08
Message from RUTHLEZZG
The French Bread Tournament want to team up in this tournament? we will have to be super aggressive and use our men to go on attack (as babba and charlesdale will) and use 'return to placement' a great feature of that board that we cannot under utilize. make a team and i'll join!
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5th May 2019 13:38
Message from RUTHLEZZG
The australia tourney is gone but we can do this one: WarGear (1) / Tournaments - Another Civil War http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/2610
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28th Apr 2019 23:51
Message from RUTHLEZZG
want to team up in the 'Australian Risk' tournament? make a team and i will join
#13 of 16
28th Feb 2019 13:21
Message from RUTHLEZZG
it looks like the tournament is full, we'll have to find another one!
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23rd Feb 2019 00:11
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Game: The European War: Team Play want to join the third team in this game? I will if you do.
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5th Jan 2015 16:27
Message from Sgt Sal M
Make more games! I like the boards you pick. Please keep to two days time limit though, speed some of these bums up.
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22nd Feb 2014 12:00
Message from bobnonsense
what would you like me to do about it?
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18th Oct 2013 22:45
Message from Lt Bom Towers
Dont you tell me my business in ants in ya pants.
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3rd Oct 2013 08:41
Message from bobnonsense
your being a major dick in the Ant game, you started it and i let you keep your bonus twice when i could have taken it, as a sign of good will
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19th May 2013 14:12
Message from Lt Bom Towers
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9th May 2013 19:02
Message from The Moose
Silly MCO, thought the Moose would leave you alone after so long. The Moose is eternal, he shall never disappear. Now respect... or you shall get the antlers
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8th Apr 2013 17:23
Message from bobnonsense
stop being a dick in the labrinth
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26th Mar 2013 12:19
Message from Lt Bom Towers
No worries. He's in a good position to win. Especially with rage just attacking me.
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11th Nov 2012 20:21
Message from bobnonsense
can you give me your guys in middle easti n the herpies game?
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28th Aug 2011 19:22
Message from The Moose
The moose > allah
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