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Started off extremely aggressive, but it didn't take long for me to adopt a higher level of play after observing the plethora of great players on this site! It's still in my nature to smash face the one that strikes me first.

"The last thing I remember I was going somewhere, and then the stop sign got in the way!"

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14th Oct 2012 23:49
Message from Slander
Sorry. It was my anniversary and I promised my wife I would go completely off-grid. So I had to step away from my games for the weekend. But I'll be back tomorrow morning to cover the world in Lemony Freshness. :-)
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13th Oct 2012 00:11
Message from WarGirl
I'm still here, maybe we just haven't crossed paths lately. Have you played Medieval Europe? Let me know if you want to try it. I like that board a lot.
#14 of 35
5th Oct 2012 18:18
Message from Snoochie Boochies
Anytime, its a fun map Im glad you like it. One of these days I will learn that Final Fantasy map and dethrone you as #1 :)
#13 of 35
5th Oct 2012 08:57
Message from Scarecrow
For sure! So far, being aggressive has paid off a bit on that new board.
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3rd Oct 2012 12:05
Message from Ankaa
ok I need advice on what to do this round-- send me a message in-game? i just can't decide what to do next.
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1st Oct 2012 20:28
Message from tnsnake
You're top ranked on 2 boards! Sweet!
#10 of 35
12th Sep 2012 22:30
Message from WarGirl
Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.
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29th Aug 2012 17:19
Message from Scarecrow
Nice teammate. Open communication.
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7th Aug 2012 03:19
Message from IRsmart
I'm not sure I completely understand the criptic message you left on my message board... care to elaborate!? :/
#7 of 35
8th Jul 2012 13:58
Message from IRsmart
Enjoyed our game together... feel free to team up again in the future.
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2nd Jul 2012 17:30
Message from Ankaa
i'm still listening to you, don't think i'm ignoring-- amazing advice, you should be a teacher. i wish someone had helped w/ a couple of the other complex maps.
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27th Jun 2012 21:04
Message from Quazimoto
If that game already full?
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27th Jun 2012 02:54
Message from IRsmart
...if I were to tell you... I'd have to kill you ;)
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27th Jun 2012 01:47
Message from Ankaa
thank you!!
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24th Jun 2012 04:26
Message from Slander
great player!
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