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25th Jul 2014 17:31
Message from VonPimpenshtuck
Truce between Russia and Middle East in Sacked?
#35 of 35
8th Jun 2014 13:59
Message from Muzukashii
I agree to your terms in Green Power. Best of luck.
#34 of 35
28th May 2014 14:48
Message from Jimhead
Hey it's pink from 'sooo long'. I would like to propose a treaty between Europe and Russia. I don't have plans for Europe, and it looks like you do, so we can stay peaceful along the Russia, Europe border. Terms: 1 turn notice for the cancellation of the treaty, and only along the europe/russia border. Agreed? I'll play as if there was no agreement until you get back, but it will be awhile until my next turn so you have some time.
#33 of 35
22nd May 2014 15:18
Message from grudge
sure, not on premium though so can't pm.
#32 of 35
12th Jan 2014 14:26
Message from TheStargazer
Managed to take all of his SA bonuses away.
#31 of 35
8th Jan 2014 02:52
Message from TheStargazer
How much does Grey own? I know he has South America, does he have Australia and North America too?
#30 of 35
14th Oct 2013 15:32
Message from Chinnie
I didn't know that. I'll change my focus =)
#29 of 35
26th Sep 2013 21:02
Message from iBertrand
truce in chico at mexico?
#28 of 35
14th Sep 2013 00:13
Message from Moravsky
Ok sounds good
#27 of 35
22nd May 2013 20:49
Message from zzz
#26 of 35
4th May 2013 05:49
Message from limburg
join :p http://www.wargear.net/games/join/264839
#25 of 35
15th Apr 2013 07:37
Message from limburg
join crusade of 2 m8 http://www.wargear.net/games/join/258861
#24 of 35
6th Apr 2013 16:33
Message from limburg
Join my team in the colosal crusade game wild
#23 of 35
9th Mar 2013 21:29
Message from Archonon
We have a proposition for your team in the game "The Usual Suspects" - We withdraw our presence from Polynesia / Australia in exchange for a truce. The orange/blue team is by far the strongest, and we need to combine our efforts in fighting them. Sound like a deal?
#22 of 35
20th Jan 2013 16:41
Message from limburg
wild if you've got a turn in please protect ts88 in zemly or grayballs will take him out next round and he will definetly have won the game..
#21 of 35
13th Dec 2012 01:54
Message from berickf
Yeah, I'm ok with that. Can you drill into Orange's NA at some point from your side? I think he has SA as well, so he's a tough nut to crack.
#20 of 35
14th Nov 2012 20:41
Message from Dorlok
ok u fight north and I will fight south.
#19 of 35
13th Nov 2012 16:22
Message from Dorlok
hey Wild1, I am playing with you in the game Walking Wounded. It seems that it would be prudent for us to form an alliance. the player dominicano is coming up strong from Australia and he has already taken southern South America from me. I think our only chance in this game is to work together in South America. I will not attack your north continent and you dont attack my east. As a token, I will let you have Southern SA once we push dominicano out. what do ya say?
#18 of 35
8th Oct 2012 18:33
Message from bmasera
I think that it's just our two teams left now, so the finale shall now begin ;-)
#17 of 35
5th Oct 2012 12:58
Message from berickf
Yes, my ally told me of the truce that the two of you had negotiated between our teams. Good luck the rest of the way!
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