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20th Apr 2011 20:32
Message from Quazimoto
Meant to tell you, great game.
#13 of 33
10th Mar 2011 14:11
Message from Rasputin
please join my gathering games i miss you sweetie haha!
#12 of 33
6th Mar 2011 15:28
Message from Rasputin
ohhh cmon dont stop playing we have fun games and you certainly have your number of wins!
#11 of 33
27th Feb 2011 17:06
Message from nullsignal
crap. missed the opening. you and gimli will tear it up, though. good luck!
#10 of 33
14th Jan 2011 16:33
Message from TheNileKing
Yo. Don't have the power to message you back. I think it will improve as more maps are added and the shitty ones are out of circulation. As far as player skill, you got me there!
#9 of 33
21st May 2010 03:09
Message from nullsignal
nikolai! hiya!
#8 of 33
15th Apr 2010 17:28
Message from Edward Nygma
Oh how I miss Stretch Armstrong... Sorry if plumed and strung is too far off base... but it was solved. I'll try to be a little less vague with the next one.
#7 of 33
15th Apr 2010 17:19
Message from Edward Nygma
Plumed and Strung is a reference to Apollo being an archer. He was a father, a son, and brought up the sun. As for the last line, his sister Artemis and Diana were often associated with the moon, which was "won" by the Buzz Aldren, Neil Armstrong Apollo Space Mission.
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27th Jan 2010 07:53
Message from bestgeneral
how about a rematch?
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7th Jan 2010 14:46
Message from tom
Hmm that was one of the things that I wanted to change about Warfish, I hated the way you could change your name and hide who you were on the site!
#4 of 33
6th Jan 2010 14:46
Message from blackJack
we're both assholes. :)
#3 of 33
6th Jan 2010 13:44
Message from tom
Sounds like the Player got out of sync with the game engine - i.e. a comms problem. Usually a Reload fixes that sort of thing.
#2 of 33
6th Jan 2010 13:25
Message from tom
Seems OK to me - Turn 544 you attacked from Castle Door to Path 5, General vK lost 2 units so the territory was empty and on turn 545 you occupied the territory.
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