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I'm a former warfish player: http://warfish.net/war/browse/userprofile?pid=warf20090329201559

This is just a game and I try to keep it in perspective and have fun. But, I do think how you play a game reflects your character, so I have great respect for those who take the more challenging road.

Because of this philosophy, I RARELY propose or accept secret alliances, and NEVER when it gets down to three people. If it appears that I am in an alliance, it is more likely that I've just arrived at the same logical course of action as others and/or I am trying to minimize my engagements. Re-read that last sentence as some people still don't get it.

But, that's just me. I recognize that politics and alliances are part of the game and when they're spontaneously formed in response to a dominant threat, you'll never get a complaint from me, even when used against me.

You will, however, get grief from me if I detect a secret alliance formed at the beginning of the game or when there is no need for one other than to give you an edge. It takes no skill to beat an evenly matched player when you team up and I see it as a form of cowardice. In these cases, I will call you out and sacrifice my own game if necessary to try and defeat you. If you form a secret alliance against me when it gets down to three, I will take it upon myself to decide which of you will win by exclusively attacking one of you.

The name "Mostly Harmless" is a tip of the hat to the author Douglas Adams (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostly_Harmless).

Mostly Harmless's Wall

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10th Apr 2014 04:30
Message from PurpleGnome
Sweep away the dust and make room in your cabinet. You've got two trophies coming your way!
#12 of 12
7th Dec 2013 19:47
Message from Yiggi
I apologize for getting booted in the game. I knew I had lost and didn't bother logging in for a couple of days. Anyway....you deserved to win.
#11 of 12
24th Oct 2013 07:52
Message from Snark
Oh, not worries at all - it makes up for the last one, same name, which was a 3er and you won - I was called to dinner and didn't delete the unstarted game before I left the comp :)
#10 of 12
30th Mar 2013 12:59
Message from Deacon Blues
Nice game...see ya around. I just hope that song keeps ringing in your head!
#9 of 12
24th Oct 2012 01:24
Message from Mad Bomber
great addition to mankind
#8 of 12
14th Sep 2012 15:57
Message from RoyalCrown
I enjoy playing with this player. He is courteous and takes his turns in a timely manner. Would play with him/her again.
#7 of 12
7th Jul 2012 16:05
Message from Afrikan
Like your description,however not quite sure why you and rico1 attacked different fronts on me but when i tunneled you both had no defenses vs each other. seems a little hippocritical. GG tho you atleast played strategically
#6 of 12
6th May 2012 03:13
Message from She-ra
Thanks for joining my game and beating me :) It truly was a good game.
#5 of 12
19th Jan 2012 15:07
Message from the regulator
great profile harmless... keep it real
#4 of 12
27th Dec 2011 16:08
Message from Farm Wife
Now you really are "Kool" eh? I'll have to start calling you "Kool-Aid DJ"
#3 of 12
27th Dec 2011 00:47
Message from Farm Wife
Great teammate!
#2 of 12
20th Oct 2011 20:05
Message from Thingol
Very good points you made in regards to the Disney map...I'm in agreement with you.
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