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Battle cry - Mr Grimsdale!

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9th Oct 2013 15:40
Message from limburg
we're gonna need to find a comon ground here before we both are so week that the others will take us out...
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14th Jan 2013 12:15
Message from Kav
hey! i see u got greece in our game. i am not interested in it. want to maintain peaceful border there ? bcoz i feel we got bigger threat out there. end with 1 turn ? pls confirm.
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7th Nov 2012 20:33
Message from MordorKnight
how about a non agression agreement in our 7 kingdoms game - yellow has way too much power and would be way to happy to watch us kill eachother
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12th Aug 2012 12:38
Message from Odin
who the heck is Mr. Grimsdale?
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15th Jul 2012 17:58
Message from TrizOz
hey man, no private mesgs allowed so here it is : I need to progress and you have nothing to do down there, you can focus on the north and you already have 2 big borders to defend with deep and light blue, i never thought u would use your cards to attack me back !!!!! I need more bonuses and i need to go where you are in order to face black later on, move your troops if you can, i will focus on the others and i wont attack you during the game, deal ?
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4th May 2012 15:33
Message from Blood Stone
We'll see you in the next big game.
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10th Mar 2012 16:10
Message from TheStargazer
Yeah in the beginning you looked a lot more threatening, so I risked leaving my back open to him. He focused on you early on and that certainly gave me the upper hand. Would have been more fun had Green stayed in. GG.
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22nd Jul 2011 11:33
Message from timmy888
join my invite game
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30th Jun 2011 15:35
Message from timmy888
You should find your countryman GeneralMustard and let him know that you have revenged your people!
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