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10th Nov 2012 07:55
Great play in the civil war tournament, it was fun.
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28th Jun 2012 12:16
Message from Noodle
Can you please leave your tournament team, sick tits and join another one? we are waiting for our friend to join it. I'd really appreciate it, thanks. NOodle
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20th Jun 2012 18:19
Message from Aiken Drumn
He is generating about 100 units a turn if he holds all his territories, he needs to be broken up. You have so many units you could easily have taken most of the top half of the map by now.
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11th Jun 2012 23:31
Message from GibDog
read the message too late. will do next time
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7th Jun 2012 06:25
Message from Aiken Drumn
You didn't reply to me an placed huge armies on our border!
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28th Mar 2012 20:14
Message from Quazimoto
Now I see. That total is for the neutral areas you created when you took me out. GG though, I had you a couple of times with only one and couldn't get it.
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28th Mar 2012 00:02
Message from Quazimoto
I am not trying to give you a hard time, are you able to send me a message from the game itself? I have about 80 games I am presently playing and couldn't find which one.
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27th Mar 2012 23:58
Message from Quazimoto
I have to look it up.
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27th Mar 2012 22:58
Message from Quazimoto
In which game?
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