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Thu 2nd Apr 11:39
Colossal Crusade rated  Perfect
I love this board, it's one of my favorites. One the minus side, the two-player format is not balanced enough for the 2nd player, and I really don't like the scenarios without history. On the plus side, the multi-player game is a lot of fun, specially in fogged games where you have to develop a well-planned strategy to take over the world. Despite the 2 issues mentioned above, I think this is a perfect board!
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:46
Earth Reversed rated  Average
I agree with Litotes. The one tourney I played on this, the starting players won 19 of 28 games: http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/2701 Fun board, though
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:41
Crystal Caves rated  Great
Very nice design, great strategy board
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:39
My Kingdom rated  Great
Really interesting board, just not my style
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:38
Hex rated  Superb
Another pure strategy board. I enjoy Octagons more at this moment, but this one is quite a pleasure as well!
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:13
Castles rated  Fair
I liked this board when I started playing it, but then realized how often it becomes a de-facto light fog board once players capture the castles. That leads to players ganging up on the leading player, and too much of an incentive on deal-making in my opinion
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:10
Gunslinger rated  Good
I'm surprised by how much I enjoy this board. I avoided it for a long time because it didn't appeal to me visually, but once I got playing it, I enjoy it's simplicity, its rock/paper/scissors quality, and the strategy around acquiring bonuses (even the initial bullets)
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:05
Good board, but not a favorite of mine
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:02
Octagons rated  Perfect
Definitely a learning curve on this board, I lost my first 6 or 7 games, including private games to get my bearings. Now that I understand the strategy, I'm really enjoying it. It's one of those pure strategy boards on this site
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Thu 23rd Jan 08:00
War Of The Roses rated  Superb
Pretty unique and strategic board, I'm surprised it doesn't get more play than it does. It's not one of my favorites at this time, but I hope to get to play some more of it, ideally in total fog
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Tue 7th Aug 09:53
New Earth rated  Great
Lucked out by winning my first game here. I'll be coming back to play this board, and figure out how to improve my strategy based on the several options for getting bonuses. Very interesting gameplay and visuals.
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Fri 16th Feb 12:29
Kensington rated  Superb
This is a very unique and enjoyable board, I look forward to many more games on it
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Fri 16th Feb 12:26
Miners rated  Good
Big learning curve on this one. I prefer simpler boards, so that's why I don't rate it higher, but I can see this being fun once you've figured out a good strategy
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Fri 16th Feb 12:23
@!#?@!? rated  Average
Initial setup and order of play have a big role on this board, I'd like to play it on a bigger pyramid.
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Fri 16th Feb 12:21
HexGear rated  Superb
I just recently discovered this board, and I'm really enjoying it. Two things that could be improved: 1) Having bonuses more clearly displayed on the board, and 2) More clarity about how pirate negatives and bonuses work and/or cancel each other out.

Other than that, there's a slight learning curve to figure out what continents are important to control and make sure your enemy doesn't control in two team games, but once you have that, it's a fun one to learn and master
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Fri 16th Feb 12:16
Of Kings and Men rated  Good
Most of my experience with this board was for a tourney, and it plays very well for one on one teams. I do agree to previous comments on needing more entrances for center castle, as this is a critical stronghold, specially for multiplayer games
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Fri 16th Feb 12:13
LoTR Middle Earth rated  Fair
I'm a fan of Lord of the Rings, and wanted to like this board more, but I didn't enjoy it too much
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Fri 16th Feb 12:11
Land and Sea rated  Average
Did not enjoy the gameplay too much, and don't like the board visually. However, it is a unique concept, and I may revise my opinion of it with more games
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Fri 16th Feb 12:04
AstroWar 2210 rated  Fair
Not enough territories for my liking, it gives initial placement and the luck of the dice a big role in final outcome
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Fri 16th Feb 12:02
1790 rated  Average
Not my cup of tea. I much prefer Civil War for the graphics, number of territories, and strategy
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