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14 Feb 2024
Reviewed by Mivkey  Superb
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9 May 2023
Reviewed by Thames  Perfect
Great to learn on
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20 Jun 2022
Reviewed by BuckToothBanana  Perfect
A classic
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15 Apr 2022
Reviewed by Abraham the Mage  Good
This board is nice because it's the classic risk board. Great for beginners, but maybe not the board for you if you're experienced and want some excitement.
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2 Dec 2021
Reviewed by BlitzKrieg9  Great
great, original risk board. perfect for beginners.
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4 Nov 2021
Reviewed by M57  Average
Yep; it's the standard. But standard means standard. We certainly can't say this board takes full advantage of all the features WarGear has to offer. Not that the criteria for perfection is to use every WG feature, but let's face it - you don't need to log on to play this particular board. The graphics are clean if not a bit austere which, again, is fine for a â "standard" board. The graphics adequately match the feel of the site. Though I don't think I'll have too many qualms playing quite a few games on this board, there's no doubt in my mind that something better will come along that will bring with it a more pleasant aesthetic for me in the standard category. Yet, I predict that even that board will command no more than an 8 for its lack of optimizing what WG offers.

Edit: Downgrading to Average.. The player color grey is almost indistinguishable from the neutral color grey.
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3 Jun 2021
Reviewed by Pratik  Perfect
Classic and perfect
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27 Apr 2021
Reviewed by jungkerl  Superb
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9 Mar 2021
Reviewed by billbaillie  Great
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8 Feb 2021
Reviewed by CaptFinck  Great
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2 Oct 2020
Reviewed by Guderian65  Perfect
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2 Oct 2020
Reviewed by Hozza  Perfect
Great board to play risk, hours of fun and battles.
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26 Sep 2020
Reviewed by Johasi Vidad  Good
A good rendering of the classic game of Risk.
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18 Aug 2020
Reviewed by mack attack  Superb
the classic risk board. you cant go wrong on this.
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28 Jul 2020
Reviewed by Da Champ  Great
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19 Jun 2020
Reviewed by zdisabled_b0c46970  Superb
Great for classic Risk lovers (like me).
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12 Jun 2020
Reviewed by Emphy  Superb
Nice board, lots of opportunities
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15 Apr 2020
Reviewed by JPHero16  Perfect
Classic Risk board.. Perfect!
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11 Apr 2020
Reviewed by War 0n Machines  Perfect
The Map of the Classic, Original Game. It's the Ultimate!
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4 Apr 2020
Reviewed by BlueFinKilla  Perfect
Lots of cool boards out there but this one is my this is my bread and butter.
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