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2 Dec 2019
Reviewed by Renegade83  Superb
Well thought out and a pretty straight forward game that makes for good, quick and fun games
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23 Apr 2019
Reviewed by sirdakka  Perfect
A very creative board, with fun and fast paced dynamics. Lots of room for straregy
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2 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Perfect
Different strategies depending on whether you're playing 2-person, 4-person or more.

First of all, I love the layout, Korrun did a good job of making a visually appealing board. Secondly, there are many possibilities for action, as the board is larger than it appears at first glance.

A key decision to make is about when you attack a capital (if you don't alredy start with one), since you need to go through a shark to do so, and the more sharks you hold, the more their negative multipliers affect your beginning of turn bonuses. If succesful at capturing and holding a capital, the factory production from this may offset the negative bonuses from sharks, but this all depends on what else you own (specially how many sharks you have). And capitals are very hard to take from an enemy, as they have heavy dice defensive advantage.

Fun game, this is one of my favorites!
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12 Feb 2016
Reviewed by Levowsky  Poor
complicate board
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10 Feb 2016
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Superb
Great board. Games can go very quick.
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