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11 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Big Skin  Superb
I like the mix of hordes with continent bonuses.
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15 Mar 2013
Reviewed by Cona Chris  Superb
This board is a lot of fun - it combines elements of the classic RISK game with the popular "Hordes" style of bonuses (in the oceans). Gameplay is fast and uncomplicated except make sure you know what attacks what from the land to sea and vice versa before planning your turn.

The graphics are perfect for this theme too.

The cards confuse me because they are so similar - perhaps a different color for the land in each would help.
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14 Jun 2012
Reviewed by floorcheese  Good
An interesting mix of hordes and continents. Not sure how I felt about it, but maybe that's just my loser's pouting coming out. Also not really my style of map. (Too small.)
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9 Feb 2012
Reviewed by jenkinswoody  Great
Fun Board. Like the openess.
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4 Nov 2011
Reviewed by LucasLee  Good
Pretty much agreeing with MilesTeg
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10 Sep 2011
Reviewed by MilesTeg  Average
Not a bad board, just not my favorite type of map.
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10 Sep 2011
Reviewed by Mad Bomber  Superb
supple.....pick em ripe
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4 Sep 2011
Reviewed by DBA72  Average
gotta play more, but seems ok
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2 Sep 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Good
The gameplay to this board is all around average. I don't mean this as negative, it's solid, fun play. The graphics are nice though, i like them so i upped the rating. This is just a simple, fun, good looking board.
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1 Sep 2011
Reviewed by WestBeast510  Great
Fun board that is relatively easy to get the hang of and can provide for some good back and forth.
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17 Aug 2011
Reviewed by BorisTheFrugal  Great
See Csecu's comments.
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9 Jul 2011
Reviewed by zdisabled25  Great
A combination of "hordes" on the sea and traditional Risk on land, it takes a little getting used to, but it's not bad. India is too isolated, too much unit fatigue to reach it if not already there.
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