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4 Feb 2024
Reviewed by Motts  Great
Fun set of maps! Thanks for making them!
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13 Apr 2022
Reviewed by Hozza  Great
Interesting board
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25 Mar 2022
Reviewed by Guderian65  Superb
Great map
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19 Sep 2021
Reviewed by jungkerl  Superb
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23 Aug 2021
Reviewed by GenghisJon  Perfect
Kashgar is a beautifully rendered map that stokes the imagination of the historian and adventurer alike. Light and medium fog add to the mystery and strategy needed to conquer the Silk Road. Highly recommend.
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3 Apr 2021
Reviewed by asm  Great
Really good. Lovely as always for Yuma's work. Not good for 1v1, perfection for 2v2, plays great for larger groups (better with fog, as with any board). Tactical concerns around cities make for interesting strategy. Very well done.
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1 Nov 2020
Reviewed by Johasi Vidad  Superb
Classic Johnny Yuma board ported over by Ed.

Love the aesthetic and historic territories and theme.

Fun to play and great to look at.
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9 May 2020
Reviewed by War 0n Machines  Perfect
It's become one of my faves. Classic
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4 Apr 2020
Reviewed by BlueFinKilla  Good
Board had good layout and good concept.
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27 May 2019
Reviewed by totti  Bad
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4 Oct 2018
Reviewed by Levowsky  Average
Correct board
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6 Sep 2018
Reviewed by zdisabled_544f6945  Perfect
I realised I mostly enjoy playing on beautiful maps...
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