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29th May 2020 09:45
Message from Johasi Vidad
Great work with everything that's been going on :) really appreciate all the time you've been putting into the site to keep it up and running
#89 of 89
2nd Apr 2020 12:02
Message from Yertle
You're still awesome! Thanks for the site! Hope you and the family are doing good!
#88 of 89
18th Jan 2020 19:23
Message from Thingol
Tom, we need your help with an issue in a tourney. Please see my post in the Forums.
#87 of 89
16th Mar 2019 13:16
Message from smelldorf
Hi Tom, new player here. Our game seems to be stuck because another player can't pick their color. Any way to fix? Thanks! http://www.wargear.net/games/view/661364
#86 of 89
11th Feb 2019 11:56
Message from Frysian barbarian
Hi, sorry to bother you. I am stuck in a one person tournament game. Could you perhaps take a look at it? Thanks so much in advance! http://www.wargear.net/games/view/655900 Best wishes, Frysian Barbarian
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26th Mar 2018 13:43
Message from Aiken Drumn
Sorry to both you boss, seems someone couldn't resist creating a duplicate account to throw games. Will both accounts be deleted and results voided? http://www.wargear.net/players/info/Sir%20Featherstone%20VonLeichtenstei http://www.wargear.net/players/info/thisismyotheraccount
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20th Aug 2017 04:12
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Thx a lot fot this site!
#83 of 89
16th Jun 2017 17:46
Message from Shredder
Thanks for fixing the site!
#82 of 89
7th Jun 2017 20:57
Message from Edward Nygma
Tom!!!! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for us! I noticed nobody had written here in a while and that a lot of it was requesting something. I wanted to leave some appreciation. You're the best!
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1st Aug 2014 22:01
Message from dondoolee2
I was told to send you a message because I can't move on my game. the game wont allow me to cut and paste the address but it is this: wargear.net/games/player/357543. The Mapn is Across the great divide. Game name bride the gap Thanks, dondoolee
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24th Jul 2014 17:29
Message from Superman
Why did the championship points go all wacko?
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2nd Mar 2014 21:26
Message from Shade21
Don't know if you fixed it or if my problem in my previous comment fixed itself,but we are all good now. Thanks
#78 of 89
2nd Mar 2014 15:54
Message from Shade21
Tom, hate to bug you, but I got back a bit early from a cruise and I have 5 turns I am trying to take but I cant do anything in the games. It is like it is not my turn. The ticker says I have been skipped as well, but the games still show up as my turn. I was skipped from a different game as I was taking the turn as well. My vacation does not end till March 3rd, and I do not want to end it early because the turn limits have passed in the 5 remaining games where it says it is my turn. What should I do?
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2nd Mar 2014 06:21
Message from Aiken Drumn
Thanks for resetting those games for me.. bizarre thing in one game.. 4 extra units have been placed everywhere? http://www.wargear.net/games/player/334272
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26th Feb 2014 21:00
Message from Teamster
Perfect. Thanks :)
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15th Jan 2014 10:09
Message from C Money
Hi Tom. If you aren't too busy, would you mind taking a look at my thread below? I am looking to delete this account and start a new account with a different email address. Previously, my account was associated with one email address. I changed that to a different one, and now I want to delete this account and start a fresh account with the original email address. The site won't let me do this at the join screen. I know you are busy, but if there is anyway you can help out, that'd be great. Thank you. http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/3490/Deleting_Account
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5th Dec 2013 14:34
Message from doomietrash
thank you
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25th Oct 2013 04:07
Message from JamesHayward
How do I set up a team game? My and my friends were all together and wanted to play together against some ppl.
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23rd Oct 2013 21:14
Message from nikita790
Yeah it was you. For your info, we have the same address cuz we live in the same house. We do not join all the same games. Get your info straight before accusing people of cheating. I am in 4 games and jet is only in one of them. I lose all my games. What about those who seem to win all the games they play? Jet barely plays. Get your facts straight!
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23rd Oct 2013 21:10
Message from nikita790
did you send me a message?
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