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18th Feb 2014 06:03
Message from bobnonsense
only me and you left here, need you to do something big. I took a big risk by going into him as far as i did.
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12th Feb 2014 18:35
Message from bobnonsense
#16 of 17
4th Nov 2013 18:13
Message from bobnonsense
yertle, notice i didnt take your bonus when i easily could have. Not asking for anything, just noting that im not trying to make enemys
#15 of 17
2nd Oct 2013 10:57
Message from General Novak
hey 2v2 is going you missed first turn already
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8th Jul 2013 21:19
Message from bobnonsense
in slut juice we need to ally against tom, he has the whole left and bottom.
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9th May 2013 19:04
Message from The Moose
Flimsy Noodle, thought the Moose would leave you alone after so long. The Moose is eternal, he shall never disappear. Now respect... or you shall get the antlers.
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29th Jan 2013 18:31
Message from bobnonsense
stop fucking with me down south, we should be against mike. and if you think of using memphis against me, note that if i take that mike wipes you out, that is so deep in my terrirotry thats the only reason he hasnt already
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11th Jan 2013 10:55
Message from Ragemachine
Ironically - I meant the quite opposite. Didn't mean to insult in the least - I got bitched at in another game for not surrendering and wasting their time or something to that effect. I'll know not to surrender in ours!
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7th Dec 2012 09:16
Message from RoyalCrown
YOu should learn how to surrender when your losing rather than get booted.
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7th Oct 2012 13:11
Message from franyosoy
please accept the other team's surrendering
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12th Aug 2012 01:52
Message from Thingol
Is this Noodles from WF?
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28th Jun 2012 14:55
Message from Ragemachine
Haha I stole the spot from tom - do you know if he's still playing? he hasn't accepted any invites in forever
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25th Jun 2012 17:14
Message from Rico1
we gotta still together for a bit in our game
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19th Apr 2012 23:25
Message from gazz
are u playing??or did u 4get 2 end turn??
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20th Nov 2011 23:05
Message from The Moose
You never responded to my previous message. I am the Moose. You must respect the Moose. The lack of a response to my previous message i take as disrespectful. Do your self a favor and do not anger the Moose.
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12th Sep 2011 11:28
Message from konebones
I invited you to a game vs. me and my brother. Warning: he's pretty good.
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28th Aug 2011 19:25
Message from The Moose
The Moose eats noodles, respect the Moose.
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