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18th Jun 2019 10:23
Message from Min Lei
p.s. it's called "Three on Three, for the glory". We also have a Manifest Destiny game up for grabs called "Dominion"
#24 of 24
18th Jun 2019 10:21
Message from Min Lei
hey Babba, my brothers and I started a new team game, and there's one slot left. love to have you if you're interested -Min Lei
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18th Aug 2018 10:04
Message from Shredder
Professor Babbalouie. Teaches us all there are many ways to win!
#22 of 24
14th Dec 2017 07:32
Message from Sim88
Yo Babba. Wanna join the B0B tournament. I'm in the "mouhahaha" team with sektarius
#21 of 24
1st Aug 2017 00:25
Message from Mad Bomber
Top ten in eliminations.....
#20 of 24
12th May 2017 06:41
Message from Reggio_E
°_° never seen too many throphis! compliments
#19 of 24
23rd Nov 2016 20:43
Message from Mad Bomber
Very impressive....100 T wins........A top 5 player....
#18 of 24
12th Oct 2016 06:08
Message from charlesdale
Congratulations Babbalouie on 100 tournament wins! Great accomplishment! It's a record not soon to be broken. And when it is you will probably have some 200 wins by that time. :)
#17 of 24
18th Feb 2016 21:27
Message from ratsy
Liking the Burro. :)
#16 of 24
13th Feb 2016 12:17
Message from hootz72
Ha!! Changed your Avatar!! Might be giving away your age demographic with this one for those of us who recognize him. I might not crave Italian food anymore while playing against you now.
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7th Sep 2015 20:54
Message from Mad Max
Suggest the French game with teams of two. Not as interested in one on one. Like the board though. Got a glass of good wine and ready to roll!!
#14 of 24
5th Sep 2015 00:26
Message from Sun Tzu Jr
Just had some bbq chicken pizza from baba Louie's in Hudson, ny
#13 of 24
14th Jul 2015 10:22
Message from blaze61
im tied up in 9 civil war games atm as soon as im free i will add to yours
#12 of 24
24th Feb 2015 16:53
Message from Mad Bomber
Very Strong Player and Teammate
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12th Jan 2015 10:07
Message from Atkins
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7th Dec 2014 19:05
Message from falcon21000
And Merry Christmas to you as well! Ho,ho,ho. ;D
#9 of 24
7th Dec 2014 18:45
Message from falcon21000
Thx. :)
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18th Sep 2014 21:11
Message from norlingk
I added you to my friends list since we have a common enemy!
#7 of 24
10th Sep 2014 06:02
Message from N8Werner
Ultimatum team game?
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16th May 2014 15:16
Message from Scipio
Guess you did not see that I had attacked him exclusively on the turns aftr your note to me and prior to you wiping out all my bonuses. No big worries. It's only a game.
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