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9th Jun 2020 13:17
Message from Chele Nica
Congrats on reaching 10,000 public games!
#16 of 16
9th Jun 2019 21:06
Message from scorpian
sorry about our last game, got server issue corrected.. well played and gg
#15 of 16
6th Dec 2018 11:15
Message from Chele Nica
100 tourney wins, that's quite an accomplishment, and only the 2nd on this site to do so!
#14 of 16
30th Jun 2018 13:12
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Sorry Charles, I totally forget I was playing! I was watching France!!! What a game mate!!!!
#13 of 16
5th Jun 2018 22:28
Message from Shredder
Dilly Dilly! Now you have a flying horse? Amazingly good, and fun player.
#12 of 16
28th Mar 2017 11:17
Message from Mad Bomber
Nice job taking The top spot on Prion 4
#11 of 16
12th Feb 2017 18:52
Message from somasol
I guess I shouldn't have been so quick to surrender that last one, as I agree with your philosophy that we can often give up too quickly when we may have won in the end!
#10 of 16
6th Feb 2017 17:30
Message from Chele Nica
Major General and then 100 CPs in a very short time frame, well done!
#9 of 16
30th Oct 2016 01:54
Message from Paelias
Great person to just have a good conversation with while playing any sort of game! Great sport also!
#8 of 16
12th Jan 2016 20:04
Message from Babbalouie
Great Individual and great team player. Well rounded and impossible to beat without luck on certain boards and tough to beat on all boards.
#7 of 16
5th May 2015 11:14
Message from Mad Bomber
Strong player!
#6 of 16
31st Mar 2015 11:54
Message from Chele Nica
Thanks Charles for your post, and congrats on your top 20-25 tourney score!
#5 of 16
7th Jan 2015 18:19
Message from Spider
Sorry 'bout being booted. Not cool on my part. Thanks for the games the past few days.
#4 of 16
22nd Aug 2014 23:33
Message from SpyYoshiRv
Grats on the trophy. you got me really good on the last game, the rolls were too bad for me.
#3 of 16
24th Jul 2014 21:06
Message from Angela
Took pity on me and joined a bunch of my games. Really nice guy. Tough player! My favorite on Wargear thus far. Thanks for all your help!
#2 of 16
22nd Jul 2014 01:32
Message from renjason
Thanks for the game. The first-turn advantage helped me a lot there.
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