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30th May 2019 12:23
Message from jenkinswoody
Haha. Thanks. The banter has been fun.
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6th Apr 2016 01:41
Message from MinnesotaFreeze
why the fuck you joining my games you piece of shit. When you see one of my games, stay the fuck away. You are a poor sport and nobody wants to play with you. I blame his parents for this piece of shit!
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28th Mar 2016 18:09
Message from MinnesotaFreeze
piece of shit makes you wait when his ass is beat, instead of surrendering. Just like a child. I don't blame him, I blame his parents. Or lack of.
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15th Mar 2016 23:19
Message from ishim
Sorry about Der Panzers behavior I told him to STFU
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15th Mar 2016 23:19
Message from ishim
Sorry about Der Panzers behavior I told him to STFU
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21st Dec 2015 21:18
Message from warqueer
this guy is horrible on 3 player.
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21st Aug 2015 18:02
Message from markthegreat
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13th Jan 2014 13:17
Message from Tommy
In the game linked below, Purple wins easy. I will not attack you. I'm hoping for peace in Africa while I build up. Can you take Red out and then Peach and then together we fight Purple along with the ChineseTankMan? http://www.wargear.net/games/player/314361
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7th Aug 2013 11:08
Message from limburg
Gutsie move Cracker
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22nd Jun 2013 09:59
Message from gangnamstyle
do you have me listed as an enemy?
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1st Jun 2013 18:32
Message from Adam the Merciless
Col, any desire for truce now? Between The Western and Eastern Hemispheres? We can just build. You can take Poly. I'll sit tight.
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24th May 2013 20:12
Message from Adam the Merciless
Well, Col. What will it be? War or peace? Would you be amenable to a truce until the end of the game, and there's only two of us left? Haven't decided myself, but we ought to discuss.
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13th May 2013 07:35
Message from Adam the Merciless
Oh! Well done, Col. Now you have a chance to break him in N America. You could likely make it to S America with a few decent rolls. Onward!
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15th Feb 2013 17:45
Message from GibDog
In the game Six, I'll stay out of the US is you remain out of Canada. Any interest?
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12th Dec 2012 01:13
Message from itsnotatumor
So has the lesson been learned? Instead of a death match to see who would get destroyed by Russia first we could have made a truce and squished him between us before 1 of us won. All that takes is a truce...
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5th Dec 2012 21:32
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey Man, Please respond to my questions on the A&A map. Post to my wall Yeah or Nay please.
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27th May 2012 21:54
Message from franyosoy
Too easy my dear and lovely col facker
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24th May 2012 22:00
Message from franyosoy
truce among europe and america??
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