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1st Dec 2014 15:09
Message from nekon
If you wanna play i got new games open
#54 of 54
23rd Jul 2014 14:50
Message from abesilver
you keep beating me on Mobs of New York
#53 of 54
22nd Oct 2013 15:17
Message from Hunk
Check the history. I am always working on blue
#52 of 54
21st Oct 2013 17:02
Message from Hunk
#51 of 54
21st Oct 2013 16:46
Message from Hunk
Tough, but I see no other way. I can promise, that while I am trying to take Brooklyn, I also will attack blue in the north. I don't understand what you are saying about not having NJ ...
#50 of 54
21st Oct 2013 15:40
Message from Hunk
Game nyc5 : Only if I can have Brooklyn too. that way both of us has 2 "continents" and we fight blue on the 5th . So ?
#49 of 54
15th Oct 2013 17:22
Message from Jtp28
We have to work together in Mighty Continent. Purple will destroy us otherwise.
#48 of 54
14th Aug 2013 16:23
Message from thorpe432
That's cool. Are we on for the truce or not?
#47 of 54
13th Aug 2013 22:41
Message from thorpe432
How about a truce? You get Northern Europe and I get Eastern Europe. Everything is free game.
#46 of 54
12th Aug 2013 11:29
Message from iBertrand
if you pull out of asia we can have a truce there (to AU). i need troops to fight him off in east russia and the ME. one turn warning OK? http://www.wargear.net/games/view/286112
#45 of 54
26th Mar 2013 22:18
Message from Xrayjay
Green got booted and all I can see of yellow is one 60 army navy.....interesting stuff! I wonder if thats yellows only stack??? But then who has the whole southern half of the map??
#44 of 54
4th Jan 2013 14:25
Message from smoke
It's easier if you go 2 or 3 days -- a lot of players never seem to join 1-day games.
#43 of 54
2nd Jan 2013 22:48
Message from smoke
Alright, congrats on taking the two NYC/Long Island maps. Now stop it.
#42 of 54
4th Dec 2012 11:00
Message from bmasera
Not sure what to do, but it's partly my fault they're not fighting. I've been eating up a lot of troops with warprin trying to make ground on taking west Russia, so I'm sure Prymal is becoming quite built up again.
#41 of 54
3rd Dec 2012 11:53
Message from bmasera
I think the same, that's why I didn't reinforce much on our border.
#40 of 54
17th Jul 2012 15:17
Message from SgtDank
lol, i was gonna ask the same question as k w cheng... how do u send private messages? do you need premium?
#39 of 54
28th Jun 2012 06:59
Message from k w cheng
How do you send a private message? I am still new here :)
#38 of 54
28th Jun 2012 06:56
Message from k w cheng
I did not see your previous messages until now. I am going to break him next turn
#37 of 54
27th Jun 2012 11:30
Message from k w cheng
Hey Red...Would like to have truce with you against Black on Colossal Crusade Light Fog game.
#36 of 54
30th May 2012 17:14
Message from Professor Falken
Shall we play a game?
#35 of 54
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