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9th Aug 2011 23:49
Message from RazingAces
Nearly the same comment as Disco. Decent player but his quick game turns do seem to take forever and a month.
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16th Jul 2011 23:20
Message from Disco
Decent pplayer if you dont mind waiting the full 10 minutes on quick games. Every turn, every sngle game I have ever played him. Maybe that's his strategy, a quick game takes at least 60 minutes for you to be able to make 5 moves = many players just boot out of frustration. Just a heads up, but hey, whatver works.
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10th Jul 2011 22:30
Message from timmy888
Sorry about that last game. I got caught up watching harry potter and forgot about my turn. ExpelliAssassin!
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1st Jul 2011 11:07
Message from timmy888
Please ignire/delete comment one. it was said in a moment of anger. :)
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1st Jul 2011 11:06
Message from timmy888
Hey man, lets do a few private games on some of the other boards, tht way we can learn them without it affecting our ranking scores. whaddya say?
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1st Jul 2011 10:40
Message from timmy888
Good work on hosing the pokler sites! They can afford it!
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