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17th Jun 2018 12:01
Message from Abishai
Hey good job crushing the European War map, 96% h rating is insane!
#12 of 12
1st Feb 2017 22:38
Message from RUTHLEZZG
hey sorry I didn't see your message about asking about a Truce in the 16 person game. I never got to consider it
#11 of 12
4th Nov 2015 21:17
Message from norlingk
too slow! maybe next time!
#10 of 12
9th May 2012 11:44
Message from Darby OGill
Could you please change your settings to allow you to play more games at a time in the The Great Wars Tourney
#9 of 12
27th Oct 2011 14:31
Message from ScottGomez
Nah you've clearly got the issues if you can't keep you fag mouth shut. You should jump in front of a moving bus, I heard that's a great thing to do for shitty people like you. Do it.
#8 of 12
22nd Aug 2011 22:21
Message from nullsignal
WHAAA- how can you have a 23 percent win percentage in ten-player games? That's just silly. You a baaaad man.
#7 of 12
19th Aug 2011 12:22
Message from bobnonsense
screw toto, lets take him out
#6 of 12
1st May 2011 11:44
Message from renjason
WOW!! http://www.wargear.net/games/player/62328 csecu just suicuded into you... That was one of the worst moves I've ever seen. Sorry Reeppp, he made this WAY too easy for me.
#5 of 12
6th Dec 2010 18:10
Message from nullsignal
And you! That was a lot of fun, man.
#4 of 12
30th Nov 2010 22:32
Message from nullsignal
hey, whichever way this goes, nice game!
#3 of 12
16th Nov 2010 23:54
Message from nullsignal
erm. that sounds good, by the way. obviously it's past my bedtime.
#2 of 12
16th Nov 2010 23:53
Message from nullsignal
totally didn't see your post until just now. eek!
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