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10th Oct 2013 08:15
Message from Chinnie
I hope we can retain our peaceful relationship in the foreseeable future in the game "ECHO".
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5th Aug 2013 18:55
Message from burton2012
You Fuc***g Geek, when was the last time that you got laid, freak.....
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17th Feb 2013 09:09
Message from limburg
any idea who's got the lead in the East in the Europa game? got like a feeling orange is pretty strong but i only got some countries in germany where i can see him^^
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28th Jan 2013 06:18
Message from limburg
Hi Lantern i've got a question. you're in the Europe game aswell. If you take a castle and the lose it, will you be eliminated? I can't seem to find any rulling about it on the map but I know that in some games that's the case..
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27th Jan 2013 12:14
Message from limburg
I'm in every tube but he's got every bonus^^. can you concentrate on the north west of sportlust? if you leave my only bonus on the east side this round i might have just enough to take out 2 central tubes (with no defence) and take away a big bonus of him
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31st Dec 2012 10:54
Message from Kav
Hi! In Euro War Fogged game, Orange has captured complete south. From Spain to Italy to Balkans. Unless we all co-operate, game is gone. Doubt even that might prove insufficient. But should try :) What u say?
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1st Oct 2012 19:20
Message from zdisabled_203822df
How about a truce in 47%. You're gonna get squeezed in the south otherwise. I will pull out of Alabama and Tennessee. You can get your armies back.
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3rd Dec 2011 21:16
Message from Fawn Lebowitz
Hey Lantern, if you will leave me alone then I will concentrate on Blue in the south -- he seems hell bent to keep on attacking me. You can deal with the western players who have had a free ride so far....
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