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Tue 5th Aug 18:20
New World Gear rated  Good
Played 1 vs 1 and it wasn't great. Not bad, but not great. Liked starting with 4 on each. Liked that you could fortify to any connected. But assuming you get those options on a standard Risk board I'm not sure what this one adds.
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Tue 5th Aug 18:19
Northwest Passage rated  Average
It's OK. I played 1 vs 1 and not sure it's well designed for that scenario.
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Tue 5th Aug 18:16
Zombie States of America rated  Average
Played 1 vs 1 and nearly won the game after my first turn. Not enough plays (just one!) to really judge this board yet. Seems like it has potential. But likely not good for 1 vs 1, unless I just got a great first lie.
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Tue 5th Aug 18:15
New Earth rated  Average
Probably too complicated for me at this stage. Will need to revisit this board as I gain experience.
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Tue 5th Aug 18:14
Civil War rated  Perfect
I REALLY like this board! :) So many different strategies and ways to play it. Fun with a capital F !!! Easily top 3 boards on Wargear.net.
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Mon 28th Jul 23:35
Hordes of Africa rated  Great
Played 1 vs 1 and my guess is with a few more players this board gets even better. Solid board.
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Mon 28th Jul 23:34
Mobs of New York rated  Great
Well done. Love the idea of airports. One of my favorites so far.
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Mon 28th Jul 23:33
Wheel of Gears rated  Good
Enjoyed myself on this one.
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Mon 28th Jul 23:33
World War rated  Superb
One of my favorites. Very well done.
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Thu 24th Jul 22:13
I played this with just two players. Not sure it's well suited for that. I feel like I lost before my first turn. But that's probably just my poor play. LOL!
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Thu 24th Jul 22:12
WarGear Warfare rated  Perfect
An amazing quantity of options and lots of variety on this board. It's got everything you want and stuff you'd like that you didn't even know about. Looks great. This will be one I return too often!
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Thu 24th Jul 22:08
WarGear 2210 rated  Great
I've seen this one in stores. I can imagine it being very fun with more players. Can't wait to try it with more players!
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Thu 24th Jul 22:08
War rated  Great
Approchable. Easy. Great for a beginner or anyone that has played and enjoyed traditional Risk.
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Thu 24th Jul 22:07
Micro Mission rated  Good
I liked it well enough. Requires patience. It's a slow one.
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Thu 24th Jul 22:06
Infection rated  Good
Difficult. Not good for a beginner or a non-upgraded login ID. I wish I would have waited a bit before trying this one.
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Thu 24th Jul 22:05
Global Warfare rated  Perfect
Excellent! It's the Risk board you know and love.
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Thu 24th Jul 22:04
Colossal Crusade rated  Perfect
A ton of fun. The best board I've tried so far.
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Thu 24th Jul 22:03
Australian Risk rated  Great
Fun! I liked the 2 player game I played. Can't wait for more.
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