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20th Sep 2021 05:19
Message from UkhwiniCandeece
#18 of 18
9th Apr 2015 18:09
Message from Mouse Mask Murphy
I've been in and out of the hospital since Christmas, so I haven't been able to access the games sometimes and got skipped.
#17 of 18
24th Jan 2014 11:28
Message from ratsy
NP :)
#16 of 18
14th Apr 2013 20:32
Message from beserker42
3 turn truce along the Australia South America border in the "Can't Tuna fish" game?
#15 of 18
18th Mar 2013 10:37
Message from Rad-Warrior
Hey Are you going to take your turn in the AvA game. We cant afford to lose a turn!
#14 of 18
24th Jan 2013 06:10
Message from frankenspoof
who's turn is it to start up a game? didnt i see that you started one last week.. something about bro-in-law??
#13 of 18
18th Jan 2013 15:31
Message from Dolnick
I realize I am not in any position to tell you what to do at this point, nor one to negotiate anything. But, in the spirit of our past teamwork and helpfulness, if you wanted to attack Phelbas right now - as I have already weakened him quite a bit - we might be actually able to eliminate someone from this game. :)
#12 of 18
18th Dec 2012 18:37
Message from Dolnick
We should coordinate a strike or this game might never end.
#11 of 18
6th Oct 2012 13:29
Message from Ender
Don't shoot... I can't tank EXP
#10 of 18
29th Sep 2012 17:43
Message from frankenspoof
join 2 v 2 v 2 game on civil war map
#9 of 18
24th Sep 2012 03:45
Message from frankenspoof
join the game DEAD FOR QUIDS - quick !!
#8 of 18
19th Sep 2012 03:37
Message from frankenspoof
in re: to Minkya msg - what happened to you? you had heaps of armies! im just hanging in there, ill try and get ya thenz.. for some reason i couldnt privately post this to you in the game forum, perhaps its because im not a premium member?
#7 of 18
11th Sep 2012 00:34
Message from frankenspoof
but stephen has joined now in his place?
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10th Sep 2012 05:32
Message from frankenspoof
why did you decline Da Family??
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8th Jul 2012 19:04
Message from buhrito
hey i sent you troops to your state in new mexico in the civil war game... use them wisely. we can win!
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17th Jun 2012 01:07
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
http://www.wargear.net/games/join/161058 Please feel free to join this team game ;)
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26th May 2012 07:07
Message from zdisabled_203822df
Hey. In the game Fri, I was proposing that we call a truce in the west. If you push blue in virginia, I can push him in Texas. Let's break up this stalemate. What do you say?
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22nd May 2012 16:13
Message from loowkey
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