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Tue 12th Jun 18:21
Colossal Crusade rated  Superb
Too much fun to be had on just one map, no matter the scenario. Well done!
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Tue 25th Jul 21:15
Seven rated  Superb
My escape from dice and secret alliances right here. Simply fun. A little luck, a little strategy, a lotta fun.
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Thu 13th Jul 21:10
Knight's Tour rated  Superb
A premise from a chess board, add a few dice and some imagination and it equals fun. I've enjoyed the 2 player version in a tournament setting. I need to play it more and try the other scenarios.
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Thu 19th Jan 18:02
Battle of Bladensburg rated  Superb
Incredible duel board, strategies to learn. Terrain and dice play a significant role on this board. If you are lucky enough to play against someone with the same skill level it becomes an epic battle.
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Fri 11th Sep 23:24
Iwo Jima rated  Perfect
Extraordinary two player board, played a few games (50) before I rated it. A little bit of learning, a little bit of thought, add some tactics and patience and you get a great two player contest. Had to convince myself there could be more than one perfect board before ranking this one since I'm a newb and there are soooo many more boards to explore. Take a bow Ozyman, it's a perfect 2 player game. Also props to Berickf and Babbalouie for their promotion of the board.
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Fri 3rd Jul 12:38
WarGear Warfare rated  Perfect
This is an easy one, this is the board that brought us all here and it's done so well it kept us here.
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