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15th Oct 2011 14:24
Message from legolas
congrat. This was my first simul game. The rules are different in risk 2
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30th Jul 2011 08:10
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
what are you talking about???
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28th Jul 2011 18:37
Message from timmy888
Mea Culpa, traffic was how shall we call it... rather boring.
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20th Jul 2011 17:22
Message from timmy888
Join my private game Mustard!
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13th Jun 2011 21:57
Message from Paulville
Excelent news man!! I really hate to loose with cheaters!! Really do!!
#10 of 14
13th Jun 2011 21:08
Message from Paulville
Sorry to hear all that man!! To talk to each other never mean you are cheating!! THe things they shouls see, is that actually work with someone else is not cheating, is strategy!! However, normally in this game you actually never help too much others, the people I more talk is the ones I more play against so, I always trying to win them!!
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12th Jun 2011 16:30
Message from gazz
hi General,you gonna ply?
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10th Jun 2011 23:38
Message from gazz
gg, but u kept after ME,lol tc
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10th Jan 2011 18:48
Message from calumtm
truce on Australia man, we're going no-where like this. Take black and I'll focus on orange.
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15th Dec 2010 18:23
Message from Ensignman
want to do a 1v1 while we wait for 1 more player?
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10th Aug 2010 21:50
Message from Charles Khan
OK. Sounds fair. Like you proposed, I will concentrate on the other player and North America while you take Africa.
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17th May 2010 00:12
Message from Bones
ya i just have the northern country and a couple observatories after that the rest is his
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15th May 2010 06:18
Message from jarpan
Sounds great General Mustard :) We shall work 2getha :)
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1st May 2010 16:04
Message from DBA72
maybe I typed it wrong, this works fine too. I got an email that you posted something. I haven't looked to see where things are on the map; so this might be a moot issue. I was just suggesting that we team-up for a short while to eliminate poloquebec. I think he's the weakest btwn the 3 of us. I suspect he's been a pest to you too. I have already begun targeting him for the last couple of turns. you can join in if you like. we'd eliminate him quicker.
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