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Thu 5th Apr 17:46
New Earth rated  Great
This is a fun map with a very nice concept. The storyline is well-thought-out and the bonus structure is unique. Graphics are excellent and interesting even when fogged. There's room enough for small and large groups of players.
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Sat 11th Feb 16:45
My Kingdom rated  Perfect
This is one of my favorite boards. Excellent graphics and gameplay. Love the Simulgear and bonuses. Lots of white space for unique strategies.
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Sat 11th Feb 16:44
Spy vs Spy rated  Superb
This board is awesome. Great graphics, great gameplay. Perfect execution of the concept.
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Sat 11th Feb 16:41
Koprulu Sector rated  Superb
This is an excellent board. Very nice concept, graphics, and gameplay. Rushing is a factor but is true to the actual game. Nice balance and room for plenty of strategy here.
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Sat 11th Feb 16:39
Gunslinger rated  Good
Very dependent on the first turn luck. Nice graphics and use of factories. I have a lot of fun playing this map!
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Sat 11th Feb 16:38
Antastic! rated  Great
Nice concept. Great for 2 - 1000 players. Nice graphics and gameplay.
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Sat 11th Feb 16:37
Nice gameplay. Unique concept. I like the return to attack from transfer, makes for some interesting strategies.
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Sat 11th Feb 16:36
4Play rated  Good
Solid board. Quick gameplay.
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Thu 28th Apr 19:03
Micro Mission rated  Great
I swear Yertle I consistently have the worst luck on this board. Great graphics and concept.
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Sat 26th Feb 14:38
There Can Be Only One rated  Average
Great concept and good foresight on the 5 attack limit. This map doesn't require much strategy and the final duel lock-up normally takes the match down to high luck factor.
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Sat 26th Feb 14:31
Rockem Sockem rated  Superb
Great board that rewards risk and teaches the essence of Simulgear. Has the ability for epic battles and we've only begun to peer into the depths of strategy on this one.
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Sat 26th Feb 14:29
Europe 1560 rated  Great
Good gameplay and great graphics. The huge unit counts are not particularly my taste but this board captures the essence of the game. Good work.
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Sat 26th Feb 14:27
Well-crafted duel board to have epic matches on. We have only begun to see the tip of the iceberg for strategy on this map.
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Sat 26th Feb 14:25
Castles rated  Great
Good graphics and excellent use of capitals. Provides the look and feel of classic Castles (for PC) games. Strategic game play is a must and luck factor is low.
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Sat 26th Feb 14:24
Axes and Allies rated  Perfect
This board is a perfect teamplay map and is in the unofficial "Hall o' Fame" of maps. Great job with this one.
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Sun 16th Jan 13:13
Gauntlet rated  Superb
This board is very fun to play and the graphics are sharp. Very clean lines all around. The strategy is more heavily loaded in the first 5 moves which makes for a very quick map to play. Fog is a must-have for players like Thyra to have a fighting chance. Good work!
UPDATE: 01/15/11 - Risky I've played this board a bunch of times and still love it. Thyra is an unbalanced player and I can only win with her if all the other players don't know what they're doing. In order to balance her position (which might be more trouble than it's worth) I'd start playing with starting unit count and/or bonuses to try to even her chances.
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Thu 16th Sep 07:40
WarGear Warfare rated  Good
Good attention to detail for a classic map.
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