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Rating distribution for starstoours


Thu 12th Apr 16:57
Coffee Capital rated  Superb
I quite like the idea of many small cups as capitals. The borders are a bit tricky, have to pay attention.
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Mon 9th Apr 03:07
Horse rated  Good
Fast games. Frustrating with bad luck early.
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Mon 9th Apr 03:06
Risk-E-vaders rated  Poor
Wut the..?
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Mon 9th Apr 03:01
Antastic! rated  Good
Nice board. Lots of small bonuses. Lots of choke points.
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Mon 19th Mar 15:53
9 Blocks rated  Superb
Best for 3 players.
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Sat 10th Mar 04:41
Crystal Caves rated  Perfect
My favorite board so far.
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Sat 3rd Mar 19:03
PlantsVsZombies rated  Average
Tedious. Little can be accomplished in one turn. Irritating board. The design is beautiful, do something better with it!
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Sat 3rd Mar 19:01
Helix rated  Average
Interesting look, but straightforward and relatively... boring.
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Fri 2nd Mar 15:03
Doom's Crescent Isle rated  Superb
Great small map.
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