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Rating distribution for Knosken


Mon 16th Jul 19:11
Ninja Ball rated  Great
What Phoenixx said.
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Mon 21st May 19:15
Seven rated  Great
The concept is a 10, but I am giving it a 8 due to the importance of having a good starting position, and that I usually don't like two-player maps.
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Mon 21st May 19:04
Dejeweled rated  Superb
I don't agree with the critisism here, if you play correctly, there shouldn't be any king-making possible. You just have to learn how to do it :)
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Wed 22nd Feb 14:44
Micro Mission rated  Fair
The default map is very random, haven't tried to other ones but they seem better...
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Tue 14th Feb 16:05
Zombies rated  Perfect
The best map on Wargear. Works best with 6-7 with fog
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Sun 15th Jan 07:19
i think the squares is too valuable, there's not catch-the-leader-effect
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