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18th Nov 2023 19:43
Message from zdisabled_b956d07b
They sucking you in G , you pay they laugh
#16 of 16
18th Nov 2023 19:35
Message from zdisabled_b956d07b
HaHa you probably think your good hahahahaha go play real people on a real board with real dice and you will see they fooling you
#15 of 16
18th Nov 2023 19:34
Message from zdisabled_b956d07b
What a farce , the sad thing is they fooling you and you paid them how pathetic , what a fool , what a silly boy playing a fake fixed dice game , silly boy
#14 of 16
18th Nov 2023 19:18
Message from zdisabled_b956d07b
Ive played this game for years , ive just joined this site and its blatently obvious that the dice have been loaded in Galakanokas favour , it must be another pay to win pathetic fake game how disgusting , its you they are fooling G
#13 of 16
18th Nov 2023 19:08
Message from zdisabled_b956d07b
Ive never seen such fixed dice how pathetic
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29th May 2023 13:41
Message from bobthefish
Dear Galakanokas, As a brief introduction, they call me BobTheFish and I am an elected representative of the WARFISH Clan. Your skill at Colossal Crusade is widely known amongst the Wargear community. 
We humbly request your attention to the following matter to see if you would like to challenge the power of our clan: https://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/5565/CAN_YOU_BEAT_THE_WARFISH_CLAN_ Sincerely, BobTheFIsh
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19th Apr 2017 20:44
Message from Der Panzer
WE came back from the dead. Great Game G Thanks!
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9th May 2014 15:04
Message from Swarmbill
Sorry I didn't see this until I retaliated, will back off.
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5th Feb 2014 14:29
Message from JoeSmoove
join world war boards i created ....same board as yours
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29th Jan 2014 05:55
Message from limburg
I suggest a temporary truce between you and me at the border of africa. We're just gonna keep going back and forward in eachothers territory while T1 is getting pretty strong.. (although this is as far as I can see, maybe you have more information and you don't mind if we keep battling :D)
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11th Nov 2013 09:06
Message from Pak7maN
I attacked by accident... Got games confused... My bad!!
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1st Mar 2013 12:05
Message from Dubitty
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20th Feb 2013 10:46
Message from Footfungus
I was frustrated you and red weren't doing anything about it. I'm willing to focus on purple next turn if you attack too. Makes sense to take out his Texas bonus and I might be able to hurt his California bonus
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8th Feb 2013 16:34
Message from Swarmbill
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24th Sep 2012 22:37
Message from franyosoy
Hi, How is MasterMason's behaviour as a teammate?? He es the idiotest player ever. Lame or the lamers. Have a nice day mate ;)
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2nd Aug 2012 08:25
Message from smess2
If you leave me alone in the US and Canada I will not attack you in Central and South America. Then we can both get bonuses.
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