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You can only remove units from the board by blowing them up. All attacks lose.


Always keep one square on the board, this is your bomber.

Split one unit off to capture a bomb, but do not end your turn with more than one square.

Don't forget to set the bomb size, Small, Medium, or Large.

Use your 7 attacks to do the following things:

1. Move your bomber to a safe location (safe from bombs).

2. Place a bomb on the board.

3. Determine the radius of the explosion.

How Bombs work:

At the start of your turn, each square marked with an X will lose 5 units.

  • Small bombs only hit the territories marked with a red X.
  • Medium bombs affect the squares with an orange or red X.
  • Large bombs affect all squares marked with an X.

Bombs cannot go through walls, but you can blow yourself up.

All larger bomb sizes require you to also capture the smaller sizes.

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