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If you enter a truce with me, it applies SOLELY to the border(s) specified, and unless otherwise stated requires the providence of 1 complete round to pass before attacking across said border(s). One can attack immediately upon receipt of notice of cancellation.

I consider the truce automatically null and void if one of the following occurs:

- You lose control over the territory specified in the truce;

- You break this or any other standing truce on the board;

- You take out the 3rd last player in the game.

I hold myself to the same terms.

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23rd Mar 2017 15:58
Message from Terminatorr
Always fun to play against you in Colossal Crusade. Strong player
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23rd Jan 2017 10:56
Message from talonmccloud
on behalf of our team (tastyjams, skitterdood, trashpanda), we are genuinely sorry you got stuck with dblanch that last game. You should've won.
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4th Nov 2016 07:58
Message from WileECoyote
Dear Gaad!! I hadn't read the smallprint.... Where do I sign ?
#4 of 6
1st Nov 2016 18:47
Message from Paelias
Congrats on top ranked for Colossal Crusade!! It's really fun playing with you!
#3 of 6
4th Oct 2016 13:56
Message from WileECoyote
message for ya in game "FIVE"
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21st Aug 2016 11:28
Message from TobsontheGreat
Do you want to be on my team in who shall rule the earth
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