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23rd Sep 2018 05:14
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
C'est bon il a blégué
#19 of 19
9th Sep 2018 23:31
Message from Nikolai
Strong opponent. Good sense of humor too!
#18 of 19
30th Dec 2012 18:41
Message from Mad Bomber
strong player
#17 of 19
22nd Dec 2012 22:25
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Repié faut que tu passes ton tours, ca va prendre trop de temps que tout le monde accepte ta rémission.
#16 of 19
11th Dec 2012 18:08
Message from Angusjustice
Good to have you on the NEW WORLD ORDER TEAM Cheers!
#15 of 19
26th Nov 2012 08:27
Message from Scipio
May make some sense to lay off each other for a few turns... What do you think?
#14 of 19
1st Nov 2012 09:15
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Bon j'ai enfin gagné une map (par abandon...)! Je vais aller bouffer mec à plus tard!
#13 of 19
30th Jun 2012 08:54
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
A plus tard poto, bonne journée a toi.
#12 of 19
30th May 2012 09:46
Message from Scipio
Alliance this game?
#11 of 19
6th May 2012 19:21
Message from titanzania
Salut Poto!! Quel plaisir de voir tant de monde a la Bastille...En esperant ...Je pense a toi et a tous ceux qui y on cru. Cet encule de Sarko De-Hors....!
#10 of 19
13th Feb 2012 04:50
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Poto désolé pour l'autre jour, mon chat était pas activé! Je t'ai laissé un message sur la map en équipe.
#9 of 19
6th Feb 2012 00:36
Message from renjason
Just take your turn. http://www.wargear.net/games/view/122517 Why would you surrender out in a four player game where no one has been eliminated??
#8 of 19
1st Feb 2012 15:41
Message from renjason
http://www.wargear.net/games/player/122517 Unless you know someting I don't know... It looks like "sirheinsic" owns a large chunk of the board and has some HUGE armies. He's going to wipe us all out soon if we don't watch out.
#7 of 19
23rd Dec 2011 10:43
Message from Scipio
Had to take you out. You were down to one territory and they would have got you. Do not understand Red's move the turn before...
#6 of 19
21st Dec 2011 13:59
Message from Scipio
Do you have cards to play this turn? IF yes let me know and I will put a wall around Red in Indonesia so yellow can not take out his cards. I would suggest then that you go after Dondolee from Spain through Europe to knock down his points. What do you think?
#5 of 19
2nd Nov 2011 08:49
Message from Jah Warren
yo repié oublie pas de faire la map de erwan qui est en vacances !!!! je t'ai laissé ses identifiants en privé sur la partie en cours, si tu la joues pas avant qu'il soit booté je la ferai à ta place, mais je jouerai pas forcément comme tu le veux car c'est contre nous !!!!!! ahaha, il te reste 6h avant le timer poto, hurrrrrry harrrry !!!
#4 of 19
19th Oct 2011 20:39
Message from Flavor
sorry, but the only exit to my little home is through you. Nothing personal :/
#3 of 19
19th Jul 2011 03:10
Message from zdisabled_544f6945
Tein rep on a fini second du tournoi team europe! dommage s'en est fallut de peu, un peu grace a toi en plus! Next time!!!
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4th May 2011 13:15
Message from neneleking
salut c bien toi repié ??? c néné comment tu va??
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