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COL JR...what a pussy, whines everytime he plays, never is above a 900 rank.....aka loser

dcwfiji1976's Wall

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12th Feb 2014 09:51
Message from Jubjub Bird
This player plays like a girl.
#26 of 26
10th Feb 2014 16:38
Why do you call bullshit? because you have no technique?
#25 of 26
4th Sep 2013 17:27
Message from mick2412
if you not going to finish the game why not quit ??
#24 of 26
24th Jun 2013 22:19
Message from Americanese
You should just quit this website altogether bc you suck dick at risk and you're no fun to play with, don't join my games anymore
#23 of 26
21st Jun 2013 16:13
Message from Americanese
Pussy Bitch
#22 of 26
21st Jun 2013 16:12
Message from Americanese
Poor Sport!
#21 of 26
20th May 2013 16:39
Message from scottcurry
I am sorry for bailing out on our team game, Something important came up and my portable laptop is not online. We will surely have a rematch in the future.
#20 of 26
5th Jan 2013 20:29
Message from Romper Stomper
I would rather stab my scrotum with cocktail sticks than play this asshole!
#19 of 26
23rd Dec 2012 18:40
Message from Arete
While losing terribly, on account of being shit at Risk, she confessed she has an enlarged clitoris that men and bearded women oft mistake for a small penis. Admittedly, she confesses that the enlarged clitoris may just be a small penis. Ambiguous either way.
#18 of 26
7th Dec 2012 14:28
Message from RoyalCrown
Player quits taking her turns when she is losing. Would not recommend playing this player.
#17 of 26
22nd Nov 2012 14:00
Message from franyosoy
respect the people if you want to be respected!
#16 of 26
9th Nov 2012 12:43
Message from t
you asshole. surrender or finish the fucking game
#15 of 26
7th Nov 2012 16:41
Message from franyosoy
#14 of 26
2nd Nov 2012 16:09
Message from RoyalCrown
Player walks away from computer in a rage when he/she is losing rather than surrendering. Very disrespectful. Would not recommend playing this player.
#13 of 26
18th Oct 2012 16:39
Message from t
#12 of 26
18th Oct 2012 14:38
Message from Andernut
gg. Someone else joined the rematch before I could.
#11 of 26
28th Sep 2012 13:14
Message from johnny v
dude, don't say 'done' and then bail on the game. finish or surrender. sheesh
#10 of 26
25th Sep 2012 09:22
Message from johnny v
please finish or surrender
#9 of 26
8th Sep 2012 17:18
Message from zdisabled36
#8 of 26
8th Sep 2012 17:16
Message from zdisabled36
asked me to play faster and then bailed on the game
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